Paraphrasing Test 12

1. When his book was not reprinted, even after the first printing had sold out, he became so discouraged that he looked for a job.
 A) His first book was so successful that after the first printing sold out, he was offered a good job.
 B) Though his book was moderately successful, he thought it necessary to get a job so that he would have a steady income.
 C) Although his book was not a total disaster, its failure to achieve a second printing left him depressed, so he sought regular employment.
 D) After the first printing of his book sold out, he tried to get it reprinted, but it was so expensive that he gave up on the idea.
 E) In spite of its not being a best seller, he was so pleased with the moderate success of his book that he decided on writing as a career.
2. The west coast of Scotland is a beautiful place to go on holiday, but you can't depend on the weather, can you?
 A) The west coast of Scotland is beautiful, but the weather is always awful, isn't it?
 B) The west coast of Scotland is a picturesque holiday location, but the weather is unpredictable, isn't it?
 C) If you go on holiday to the Scottish coast, you should remember the weather there is changeable, shouldn't you?
 D) The holiday resorts on the picturesque west coast of Scotland don't get much sunshine, do they?
 E) The holiday resorts on the west coast of Scotland would be perfect if the weather was dependable, wouldn't they?
3. Skylab gets little attention, though its accomplishments could be the most significant of all space programs so far.
 A) Skylab has been an absolute failure although it has been expected to be much more successful.
 B) Skylab turned out to be a big disgrace although it was claimed to be successful.
 C) People find skylab very successful although it has been a great frustration.
 D) Although Skylab has been very successful, it hardly draws any public attention.
 E) People find scientific developments very destructive that's why they don't pay any attention to skylab.
4. Conditions for street children in Mexico are appalling, but they are not targets for police brutality as is the case in some South American countries.
 A) Mexico is no different from countries in South America in that they have a terrible problem of street children, who live in dreadful conditions and are treated cruelly by the police.
 B) Conditions for homeless children in Mexico are awful and, as is the case in South American countries, they are also subject to cruelty at the hands of the police force.
 C) Not only are conditions awful for homeless children in Mexico, but they are also treated with cruelty by the police as happens in several South American countries.
 D) Homeless children suffer cruelty from the police in Mexico, just as in other South American countries, but conditions for them are slightly better.
 E) Homeless children live in awful conditions in Mexico, but unlike what happens in some South American countries, they do not suffer cruelty at the hands of the police force.
5. In the eastern Pacific, crews locate yellowfin tuna by seeking schools of dolphins, which often swim above the fish, thus many dolphins are trapped with the tuna and accidentally killed.
 A) Accidentally, fishermen of the eastern Pacific find the yellowfin tuna by searching for dolphins, since the dolphins live alongside the tunas, but this makes them a target for the bait of the fishermen.
 B) Unfortunately dolphins are caught and killed by the fishermen who actually try to locate the whereabouts of yellowfin tunas in the east of the pacific, by following dolphins, which also hunt tuna fish.
 C) Crews can catch yellowfin tuna only by searching for dolphins that swim around the fish in the eastern Pacific, but they catch dolphins from time to time as well and cause their death by accident.
 D) Yellow fin tunas swim above dolphins so in the east of the Pacific, fishermen look for them to catch tuna and because of this dolphins get caught along with them and die.
 E) Fishermen don't want to catch and kill the dolphins. but while they are catching yellowfin tuna in the eastern pacific, dolphins who swim above them also get caught.
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