Paraphrasing Test 10

1. Despite a barrage of new ideas, the hangover itself is imperfectly understood and a true cure remains elusive.
 A) Since new ideas are being born, questions like what hangover is and how it can be cured are likely to be answered.
 B) Even though hangover and its cure remain a phenomenon new theories are being articulated.
 C) Although several new ideas keep being formed, hangover is not thoroughly understood and an effective cure has not been found yet.
 D) While scientists try to find a proper cure for hangover, people remain unable to define what it is and everyone comes up with a different idea.
 E) On the course of understanding what exactly hangover is and how it can be cured, it is natural that several inadequate ideas are brought forth.
2. Since the government limited their powers, the unions are no longer a force to be reckoned with.
 A) The unions haven't had so many authorities since the government limited their powers.
 B) As a result of restriction put on their powers, the unions do not pose any threats to the government anymore.
 C) From now on, the unions will not be a problem for the government, because they compromised on the authority distribution.
 D) Thanks to the agreement between them, the unions will make the government do whatever they want.
 E) Finally, the problem has been solved by the efforts of both the government and the unions about the restrictions of the powers of the former.
3. We must find ways of reducing the slaughter which takes place on our roads every year.
 A) Until now practised measures have failed, so better ones should be introduced to prevent accidents.
 B) Either the government or the citizens in this country should do their best to end the deaths resulting from motor accidents.
 C) It is vital that the rules of traffic should be made stricter to provide safer driving for motorists.
 D) Many motor accidents happen every year in which too many people die, so it is urgent that we find some solutions to prevent this.
 E) Fewer accidents will happen and fewer people will die due to the car accidents provided that more motorways are built.
4. Apparently, the author was so much like the characters in his books that people thought the books were autobiographical.
 A) The author wrote his own life in such a way that no one understood that the characters in the book were real people.
 B) When an author writes his autobiography he should be careful not to make it look like fiction.
 C) Everyone took his books as autobiographical, since the characters in his books resembled him.
 D) To say that a book is autobiographical, one must find similarities between the author and the main character of a book.
 E) He started writing autobiographical books after people told him that he was more interesting than the characters in his books.
5. It was a recommendation from a friend that made us change our minds at the last minute and go to the Italian restaurant instead of the Chinese one.
 A) Our friend thinks the Italian restaurant is not very good, so he suggested at the last minute that we should go to the Chinese one instead.
 B) If our friend hadn't suggested going to the Italian restaurant at the last minute, we would have taken him to the Chinese one.
 C) Taking our friend's suggestion into account, we decided, just before we went, not to go to the Chinese restaurant, but to go to the Italian one.
 D) There were two restaurants, one Italian and the other Chinese, either of which we were considering going to. but a friend recommended the latter.
 E) In the opinion of our friend, the Italian restaurant is better than the Chinese one, so he took us there rather late in the day.
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