Paragraph Test - Six

Answer the questions according to the reading passages.
After a diet done the same old way, chances are that you have already gained back all the pounds you lost. Too often, dieting just doesn't work. Now, something is working: Not a diet but a revolutionary new concept of weight control based on behaviour therapy. It doesn't focus on fat at all, but on you. It holds that eating too much is behaviour that you have learned. People eat simply because something tastes or smells good, or because the clock says it's mealtime. These are all learned behaviours and a dozen crash diets won't help to unlearn them. Only newly developing practical techniques to change the behaviour will help and that is where behaviour therapy comes in. Applied to weight control for only a half-dozen years, such therapy has already proved its worth in carefully controlled studies with upward of 500 people. So, don't wait any more.

1. According to the passage, dieting temporary loss in weight, ----.

A) due to some wrong policies in behaviour therapy
B) except those who stick with the program that physicians suggest
C) for the fact that all dieting methods are completely useless
D) so, one should make permanent changes in his eating habits
E) since excessive eating comes immediately after one ends up dieting

2. According to the passage what differs the newly developing concept from usual methods of dieting ----.

A) lies in the ways of prescribing different amounts of calories to take per day
B) is its method of rewarding oneself after every achievement
C) is that it guides a patient to find what is not true in his attitudes towards food
D) determines how a fat person should exercise the calories away
E) is to torture people with some dangerous starvation diets

3. We learn from the passage that the behaviour therapy has been in use ----.

A) for six years and has been successful on more than 500 people
B) since the researches on the behavioural science started
C) after it's been understood how valuable dieting is
D) on account of the experience achieved in a decade of studies
E) to prove that dieting often results in regaining the pounds

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