Paragraph Test Eight

Answer the questions according to the reading passages.
There are basically tree types of social classes, upper class, middle class, and lower class the first group includes people who involve in managing offices. These people are mostly the ruling class. As they have a good status in society, they have not much economical problems at all, and their standard of life is very high. They have also an aristocratic way of living for a long time. The next group includes mostly proletarians and civil servants. These people constitute a very big part of the society. Middle class people have a moderate life. Their only anxiety is to arrange their money according to their budget. And the last group consists of lower class people who are the workers of daily jobs. They have to earn money just to feed themselves and their families. They have no future assurance. These poor people have no status in the society at all. These three types of social classes can be seen in many countries.

1. People belonging to upper class ----.

 A) deal with economical problems
 B) hold the administrative positions in society
 C) constitute a very big part in society
 D) don't have a moderate life
 E) deal with daily jobs

2. We can infer from the passage that ruling class ----.

 A) ought to arrange their money to their budget
 B) have a lot of economical problems
 C) live for a long time
 D) can't find jobs in managing offices
 E) makes up the smallest part of the society

3. Lower class people ----.

 A) don't have any concern for their future
 B) can only be seen in poor countries
 C) only feed themselves but not their families
 D) don't have regular jobs
 E) are not respected by anybody

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