Paragraf Tamamlama Testi - 19

Paragraph Completion Test - 19

Choose the best option to complete the given paragraphs.

Rip's great fault was his extreme dislike of all kinds of profitable work. This does not mean that he was lazy, for he would sit on a wet rock all day holding a heavy fishing rod, even without catching a single fish; or he would carry his gun for hours through the forest and swamp, up and down hills, in order to shoot a few squirrels or wild pigeons. ……….. .The women of the village employed him too for little bits of work their husbands would not do for them. Rip was ready to attend to anybody's business but his own: he found it impossible to do his family duty and keep his farm in order.

 A) He never refused to help a neighbour with the most difficult kind of work, such as building stone fences
 B) Rip was lazy but would work if he had to
 C) Rip could not work because he was disabled
 D) Rip worked more than the other men of the village
 E) People in the village were lazy because they would sit all day
Most objects expand when heated because they are made up of molecules that are in constant motion. Heat makes molecules move faster. ........... This explains why we hear a click as we travel by train or a gentle thump as we drive on a concrete highway. The clicks and thumps tell us that we are passing over expansion joints put in to allow room for the metal rails and the concrete to expand.

 A) These joints prevent the rails and the road from buckling as they expand under the hot sun
 B) The hotter the molecules become, the faster they move and the more space they need to expand
 C) Like the molecules of the metal jar lid, the molecules of materials need more space when they are hot
 D) Molecules in a road behave like the molecules in rails, lids, and other objects
 E) Hot water makes the metal of the jar lid expand; this makes the cover loose
An ancient legend explains how Pitch Lake came to be: Many centuries ago two Indian tribes fought a great battle. The victorious tribe built a village and held a victory celebration. ............The Great Spirit was so angered that the birds had been killed that he caused the entire village to sink into the earth. The crater where the village stood has been filled with asphalt ever since.

 A) The asphalt is not so hard and is dug out with a big scoop shovel or a pick
 B) We generally use asphalt widely for road construction
 C) They killed hundreds of beautiful hummingbird, ate them, and used their feathers to decorate their clothing
 D) Pitch Lake is a large lake of asphalt At the village of La Brea, on the island of Trinidad, in the West Indies
 E) It seems that the asphalt supply in the lake will last forever
For every man in the Civil War who died in battle, two or three men died of disease. Doctors of that time -knew very little about causes of sickness or ways of preventing it. ........... Many of these soldiers could not withstand the epidemics of measles, mumps, and whooping cough that went through the camps. Army life was hard. Soldiers got less food, few fruits or vegetables.

 A) There was no milk unless they happened to find a cow
 B) Thousands of men in poor health became soldiers
 C) Neither their clothes nor their shelters protected the troops from rain, snow, and cold
 D) Sickness and disease were spread by insects, rats, and impure drinking water
 E) Often soldiers drank straight from muddy streams
.............. They conquered their fears, crossed the oceans, and built the New World. In the past when explorers set sail into the unknown, they had to say good - by to everything they knew at home. Space explorers will not face such great loneliness in the future. Even when they travel far beyond the sun, they will be able to send messages back.

 A) Future exploration will cover a larger area than any exploring done before
 B) People may find exploring space terrifying and dangerous
 C) There is an area ten times as great as the continents of the earth to be explored
 D) The last part of this century will be an age of exploration such as man has never known
 E) No doubt explorers of the past were terrified by the great empty oceans that lay before them

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