Paragraf Tamamlama Testi - 18

Paragraph Completion Test - 18

Choose the best option to complete the given paragraphs.

Altitude sickness usually begins when a climber goes above 8,000 or 9,000 feet. The higher one climbs, the less oxygen there is in the air. When people don’t get enough oxygen, they often begin to gasp for air. They may also feel dizzy and light-headed. Besides these common symptoms of altitude sickness, others such as nausea, headache, tiredness, and difficulty sleeping may also occur. At heights of over 18,000 feet, people may be climbing in a constant daze. ............ So being alone at this altitude is never advisable.

 A) Protecting lungs saves one from the danger of climbing
 B) The higher a climbers goes above the more oxygen he will need in the air
 C) Climbing above 18,000 feet is certainly impossible even for professionals
 D) This state of mind can have a serious effect on their judgment
 E) Experienced climbers have not any problems of climbing
Recent advances in medicine make it possible to give pregnant women a lot of information about their baby before birth. For the majority of parents to be prenatal - before birth - testing provides reassurance. For the minority, the test results may indicate a problem with their baby's growth or development. ............ Exposure to infections and certain drugs (most commonly, alcohol) chromosomal abnormalities and inherited congenital conditions have all been shown to damage normal fatal development.

 A) For many parents, pregnancy is an exciting and happy experience
 B) Some families are worried although pregnant women are informed before birth
 C) There are many reasons why a developing baby may have congenital problems
 D) Cleft lips and congenital hearth diseases are some of the abnormalities that cannot be corrected
 E) If there's a problem with the baby's growth or development, this can be seen in prenatal tests
Leonardo da Vinci, a man of so many accomplishments in so many areas of human endeavour, has rarely been seen in human history. ............. . But he is not only for this master of art. In fact, he was also a sculptor, an architect and a man of science who did serious investigations into the natural and physical sciences, mathematics; mechanics and engineering.

 A) He is mostly known as the painter of 'La Gioconda', more commonly called the 'Mona Lisa'
 B) In the field of aeronautics, da Vinci designed flying machines centuries before anyone actually built them
 C) He provided the basic principles for modern scientific illustration
 D) Da Vinci's achievements in the arts demonstrate only one talent
 E) Leonardo had devised plans for prototypes of an aeroplane and a helicopter
…………. . The wars against Napoleon at the beginning of the nineteenth century had extended beyond European continent. Yet the war that took place between 1914 and 1918 had an impact that far exceeded any ever fought before. Colonies supported their imperial centers while trading partners were often forced to side with the Allies or the Central Powers. The scale of the war was such that it quickly became a "people's war," to which civilians as well as soldiers and sailors were directly and totally committed.

 A) War bore fruit in revolution, and sowed the seeds of new and even more deadly conflicts in the future
 B) Second world war set the pattern for an age of violence that continued through most of the twentieth century
 C) The war that broke out in 1914 was not really “the first world war."
 D) First World War was a war in which the civil people were active as well
 E) Results of the First World War diminished quickly thus people forgot how bad the war was
In summer, young cottontail rabbits can be found snuggled in fur - lined nests. As the pink color of their skins fades and fur appears, they take on a brown -and - white pattern. Their ears grow crisp and upright, and within a few days they learn to hop about and nibble on green sprouts. But during the first two weeks about a third of them die. .......

 A) If every cottontail survived, the result would probably be soil erosion
 B) Cottontail learns is how to keep its ears upright
 C) The cottontail learns to feed itself
 D) Hunters, disease, harsh weather, and hostile animals are enemies for rabbits
 E) In fact, few of them live longer than a year because of their enemies

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