Paragraf Tamamlama Test - 20

Paragraph Completion Test - 20

Choose the best option to complete the given paragraphs.

The light from the sun is a mixture of purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red rays, but we never see the rays separately except in a rainbow. ........ The red, orange, and yellow rays are not scattered as much. When we look up at the sky in the daytime, we see the blue light rays reflected, or bounced back to us, by the bits of dust. So, we see blue sky.

 A) What we call the sky is nothing but air with billions of tiny bits of dust floating in it
 B) When it streams straight down to earth, it gets its blue hue from the sun
 C) As the purple, blue, and green rays of light stream down from the sun, they are scattered by the bits of dust in the air
 D) When rays of light stream down to earth from the sun, they are scattered
 E) Sky is nothing but air and tiny bits of dust
.......... . In Germany strange, beautiful women -only part human - are said to sit on rocks in the Rhine River, singing sweet songs. Any man who listens to them will go out of his mind. In Italian legends, mermaids come ashore, marry men, and bear them children. But in time these mermaid wives desert their husbands and take their children away to the depth of the ocean.

 A) The Chinese say the mermaids pass their time weaving
 B) When the mermaids weep, their tears turn into pearls
 C) People the world over tell tales of sirens and mermaids
 D) Despite all stories, no one has ever captured one of these strange beings - alive or dead
 E) A man once claimed to have found a mermaid
When the Union jack fluttered down over Gambia on February 18, 1965, it marked the end of the last outpost of British colonial rule in West Africa. ....... One young boy in his best clothes cried out, "It's just like New Year's Day." The ceremony followed the pattern used by many other British colonies in Africa when they become independent nations.

 A) As the new blue, green, and red flag of Africa's smallest independent nation was raised high, the crowd gave a mighty shout
 B) Just before midnight, British Royal Marines marched in solemn half step
 C) The crowd stood at attention as the band played "God Save the Queen"
 D) Thousands of Gambians crowded into McCarthy Square in Bathurst, the capital, for the ceremony
 E) Drums were pounded and the people danced until dawn
Between A.D. 700 and 1100, northern rovers called Vikings explored most of the known world. They even crossed the Atlantic and reached the shores of North America. Yet they had no compasses or other modern instruments. The Vikings used to stay near coasts whenever they could. In open seas they navigated by the sun. On cloudy days they used sun stones. Sun stones were probably pieces of a crystal now called cordierite. This substance has the power to filter sunlight.......... .

 A) Today sky compasses are used to guide some Scandinavian jets across Polar Regions
 B) Though more complex, the sky compass works in the same way as the sun stones used by the Vikings more than a thousand years ago
 C) Sky compasses are used in polar regions because magnetic compasses won't work there
 D) Peering through a sun stone, a sailor could find out where the sun was and thus plot his ship's latitude
 E) The principle of using sun stone that was used by the Vikings is still in use today
The Sahara sets a standard for dry land. It's the world's largest desert. Relative humidity can drop into the low single digits. There are places where it rains only about once a century. There are people who reach the end of their lives without ever seeing water come from the sky. …... It's fossil water, a treasure laid down in prehistoric times, some of it possibly a million years old.

 A) Just 6,000 years ago the Sahara was a much different place
 B) Prehistoric rock art in the Sahara shows something surprising: hippopotamuses, which need year-round water
 C) Yet beneath the Sahara are vast aquifers of fresh water, enough liquid to fill a small sea
 D) There is enough water in the Sahara for plants and animals
 E) Relative humidity in the Sahara is always in the single digits

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