Noun Clause Test - 4

Choose the appropriate word or word phrase to complete the sentences.
1. After he explained .......... the raging worked, the window washer invited to join him as he washed windows on thirteenth floor.
 A) how
 B) what
 C) why
 D) that
 E) which
2. Most of us know ........ the Finance Manager is totally incompetent, but for some reason, nobody challenges him at work.
 A) where
 B) which
 C) that
 D) when
 E) the fact that
3. The protest was because of .......... the government did nothing about the homeless people sleeping on the street.
 A) the fact that
 B) that
 C) whether
 D) what
 E) why
4. Nobody is quite sure ............ leopards live in the wild in India: conservationists say the number could well be lower than the oft-quoted estimate of 10,000.
 A) whose
 B) how many
 C) where
 D) whether
 E) that
5. .......... the only person you were supported by at the beginning.
 A) The story was about the difficulties you had there
 B) I'm looking forward to hearing
 C) Since then we have met several times
 D) If you had let us know how many
 E) You haven't yet told us who was
6. His strange behaviour recently makes everybody wonder ......... .
 A) that he has to seek the help of a psychiatrist about his problems
 B) how can they still let him operate on patients
 C) ever since he made the horrific mistake
 D) whether he can still carry out his duties efficiently
 E) when he unnecessarily left a young girl scarred for life only last week
7. The official attitude towards savings must differ according to ……..... .
 A) the fact that there had been an unemployment problem
 B) if there is a disequilibrium in the budget
 C) that saving has become a national virtue
 D) what do the neighbouring countries want from them
 E) whether the economy is at full employment or not
8. .......... should be taken into consideration, otherwise it may be a big mistake.
 A) Because he is one of the thieves
 B) Owing to the fact he may be misunderstood
 C) Is he telling the place he lives
 D) That he may not be telling the truth
 E) The police arrested him for planning a murder
9. .......... seems to be entirely a matter of opinion.
 A) If this political party is the one which should be supported
 B) That they had deserved to be given the awards
 C) Whether television has been a good or bad invention
 D) When we left the company everyone was satisfied
 E) There can be little likelihood of him waiting for you
10. ...…….. whom to ask for help and what to do about the matter.
 A) Our situation was so desperate that we even didn't know
 B) There are certain visitors of that museum
 C) The internal part of the building is always crowded with people that
 D) Different types of people come here everyday and ask for advice
 E) I decided to carry on the job instead of
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