Noun Clause Test - 1

Choose the appropriate word or word phrase to complete the sentences.
1. If you own a car, it is best to know .......... to do simple repairs in case it breaks down where there is no one to help you.
 A) what
 B) how
 C) why
 D) that
 E) which
2. Scientists are almost sure …..….. most of the earth's land was covered by the sea at one time in the past.
 A) what
 B) which
 C) that
 D) when
 E) with whom
3. What makes the rye plant so incredible is ……… it can grow 385 miles of roots in four months, or about 3 miles in a day.
 A) which
 B) where
 C) if
 D) what
 E) that
4. The flow behavior of a compressible gas depends on …….. the flow velocity is smaller or greater than the velocity of sound.
 A) if
 B) why
 C) what
 D) whether
 E) that
5. ……… red and green are not easily distinguished causes many drivers to be labeled as color-blind.
 A) That
 B) Why
 C) Whether
 D) What
 E) Which
6. I couldn't make my mind up ............ to order my lunch from the delivery service ........... eat in a restaurant.
 A) either / or
 B) both / and
 C) neither / nor
 D) whether / or
 E) not only / but also
7. It is hard to imagine ......... anyone would want to take harmful illegal drugs.
 A) which
 B) what
 C) why
 D) whose
 E) whether
8. We cannot dismiss ……….... he might have turned down leadership because of his heart condition.
 A) what
 B) the fact that
 C) the fact
 D) whoever
 E) on condition that
9. The medical examiner investigates many different types of violent crime to determine ……… a violent death was an accident, a suicide, or a murder.
 A) whatever
 B) if or not
 C) whether
 D) which
 E) however
10. We haven't decided …………. to go for our holiday this year; I suppose it depends on ........... we want to do.
 A) which / that
 B) why / which
 C) how / where
 D) what / when
 E) where / what
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