Modals Test - 3

Choose the appropriate word or word phrase to complete the sentences.
1. Would you mind if I ……. the secretary for half an hour, Mr Pitt? She has two thousand leaflets to send out.
 A) helping
 B) helped
 C) to help
 D) help
 E) have helped
2. …….. you do me a favour please? .......... you ask Mrs Careen if the interview room is available?
 A) Might / May
 B) May / Could
 C) Would / Do
 D) Shall / Might
 E) Will/could
3.  ……… I ask you a favour? …….. you work on Thursday night this week instead of Friday night?
 A) Can / Did
 B) May / Could
 C) Must / Would
 D) Would / Will
 E) Might / Shall
4. I ……… my friends as often as I'd wish ever since I accepted this managerial position in this company.
 A) won't have met.
 B) shouldn't have met
 C) haven't been able to meet
 D) must not have met
 E) didn't use to meet
5. You .............. up! You ............. up in the lift. It's working properly now.
 A) needn't have walked / could have come
 B) wouldn't have walked / can have come
 C) can't have walked / would have come
 D) mustn't have walked / need have could
 E) couldn't have walked / must have come
6. You ……. this assignment seriously; otherwise, you would have prepared a much better one.
 A) didn't use to take
 B) shouldn't have taken
 C) needn't have taken
 D) aren't supposed to take
 E) can't have taken
7. Some UFO enthusiasts argue that it ……...impossible for the pyramids in Egypt to be built without help from aliens, as humans at the time …………..the technology to accomplish such a feat.
 A) would have been/lacked
 B) has been/were lacking
 C) might have been/have lacked
 D) will be/had lacked
 E) was/will be lacking
8. Alice .......... swimming where the waves were so big. Fortunately she came back safe and sound!
 A) hasn't gone
 B) must not have gone
 C) had better not go
 D) shouldn't have gone
 E) won't be going
9. Instead of staying at home alone, you ........... to the game with us last night. We ......... a really enjoyable time.
 A) would rather come / had
 B) could have come / have had
 C) ought to have come / had
 D) must have come / had had
 E) would have come / will have
10. You .......... anything to me. If you want to spend virtually your entire wages on lottery tickets, then that's up to you.
 A) couldn't have explained
 B) weren't able to explain
 C) shouldn't have explained
 D) weren't supposed to explain
 E) don't have to explain
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