Modals Test - 2

Choose the appropriate word or word phrase to complete the sentences.
1. A lot of ships ......... in England, but most of the shipyards have now been shut down.
 A) were supposed to build
 B) would rather be building
 C) could have built
 D) used to be built
 E) ought to be building
2. My uncle ............... much money when he was a worker. Now he owns his business and he's getting rich day by day.
 A) isn't used to earning
 B) wasn't used for earning
 C) hadn't been earned
 D) wasn't accustomed to earning
 E) wasn't able to earn
3. Since some mushrooms are poisonous, only an expert of them ……… wild mushrooms that …….. for people to eat.
 A) must collect/intend
 B) could be collected/will be intended
 C) should be collected/are intended
 D) may have been collected/have been intended
 E) will be collected/are intended
4. The police officers ......... very well-trained if they ........ such a huge batch of heroin in the house of the drug dealers.
 A) needn't have been/should not find
 B) haven't been/wouldn't have found
 C) can't have been/couldn't find
 D) didn't use to be/would rather not find
 E) shouldn't have been/must not find
5. The professor …….. a valid academic theory but he believed that the general public couldn’t understand the statement.
 A) might have discovered
 B) would have discovered
 C) should have discovered
 D) may have discovered
 E) could have discovered
6. The company had sent the advertisement to the newspaper when they realised they'd mistyped the salary they were offering for the position. Luckily, they..........the newspaper to correct their mistake before they printed it.
 A) could have asked
 B) must have asked
 C) were supposed to ask
 D) were able to ask
 E) might have asked
7. Yes, she ........... here yesterday. I don't think she was, but I can't prove that she wasn't, either.
 A) may have been
 B) could be
 C) should have been
 D) must have been
 E) was
8. You …..….. the dog - although he's usually gentle with children, he ………. quite aggressive at times.
 A) shouldn't touch/will have been
 B) don't touch/must have been
 C) can't touch/could be
 D) mustn't touch/can be
 E) won't touch/will be
9. In France, they eat snails with garlic butter, but personally I find this disgusting. I ……… than eat those slimy little creature.
 A) had better starve
 B) would prefer starve
 C) would rather starve
 D) should have starved
 E) could starve
10. Despite the many hardships they ………. during the journey, the expedition to the South Pole ………the camp safe and sound.
 A) encountered/was able to reach
 B) had encountered/ought to reach
 C) were encountering/reached
 D) encounter/used to reach
 E) might have encountered/reaches
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