Modals Test - 1

Choose the appropriate word or word phrase to complete the sentences.
1. I haven't made up my mind yet. But I think I .......... something nice in my mum's wardrobe .......... to the disco in the evening if I do the washing-up now.
 A) would find/ might go
 B) had found/would go
 C) will find/ may go
 D) should find/ might not go
 E) found/would go
2. He ………. the police. However angry he was, he ………….. he law into his own hands.
 A) might have phoned/couldn’t have taken
 B) must have phoned/may not have phoned
 C) could have phoned/didn’t have to phoned
 D) need have phoned/shouldn’t have taken
 E) should have phoned/shouldn’t have taken
3. Where have you been, Julia? You ................ that we were supposed to meet here for lunch at 11.30 a.m.
 A) would sooner have forgotten
 B) may forget
 C) had forgotten
 D) ought to have forgotten
 E) must have forgotten
4. I know I ........... last night, but I decided to watch TV instead, as there was a very good film on, which I had failed to watch at the cinema.
 A) would rather have studied
 B) would prefer to study
 C) must have studied
 D) could have studied
 E) may have studied
5. You ........... him anything about the incident, because I ......... him myself later in the week.
 A) mustn't have told / would tell
 B) needn't have told / was going to see
 C) shouldn't be told / had told
 D) couldn't tell / have told
 E) may not have told / would have told
6. It ……. Joe you saw yesterday. He's been away on holiday for a week, and hasn’t returned yet.
 A) can be
 B) shouldn’t have been
 C) mustn't be
 D) can't have been
 E) mustn’t have been
7. I ……... a letter in Iambic Pentameter but I'm not sure whether I can write in modern words or if I ........... archaic words.
 A) should write / have had to use
 B) am supposed to write/have to use
 C) had been writing/had used
 D) would have written/will be using
 E) could have written/have used
8. She had cooked a considerable amount of food for her guests, only some of whom showed up for the party. However, the good thing is that she ............ an army of people last night.
 A) didn't have to serve
 B) needn’t have served
 C) wouldn't be serving
 D) couldn’t have served
 E) can't have served
9. English speakers who live in Turkey often feel that they .......... Turkish because , so many people …........ English well.
 A) don't have to learn / can speak
 B) can't learn / could speak
 C) wouldn't learn / have spoken
 D) aren't learning / should speak
 E) must not learn / spoke
10. Sally ........... off the computer when she did the other night. She caused too many problems for me to sort out before the deadline of my essay.
 A) wouldn't have switched
 B) hasn't been able to switch
 C) ought not to have switched
 D) shouldn't have been switched
 E) hasn't been able to switch
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