Conditionals / If Clause Test - 4

Choose the appropriate word or word phrase to complete the sentences.
1. My boss doesn't trust anyone. He won't lend you any money ........... you promise In writing to pay him back.
 A) unless
 B) providing
 C) only if
 D) if
 E) as long as
2. ............ you provided me with everything necessary, would I cook you the kind of meal you like.
 A) Unless
 B) If only
 C) Only if
 D) In case
 E) Suppose that
3. The governments of the world should move quickly in order to help the people of the flooded are; ............, problems with drinking water and an increase in cases of diarrhoea and malaria will escalate very rapidly.
 A) in case
 B) otherwise
 C) if only
 D) provided
 E) supposing
4. ............ they ............ those flammable objects on the spot they had a picnic the previous week, the fire would not have broken out.
 A) Were / not to leave
 B) Would / not leave
 C) Should / not leave
 D) Had/ not left
 E) Were / not leaving
5. But for the passenger's help, we ........ for the repairman now.
 A) are still waiting
 B) will be still waiting
 C) were still waiting
 D) would have still been waiting
 E) would be still waiting
6. ......... his work improves, there is no chance of his contract being renewed at the end of the year.
 A) However
 B) As if
 C) As long as
 D) Unless
 E) Provided that
7. ........ your son ......... treating his classmates so offensively, he might be expelled from school.
 A) Were / not to cease
 B) Had / not ceased
 C) If / was ceasing
 D) Should / have not ceased
 E) Unless / hasn't ceased
8. On condition that we …… the necessary amount of money, we ……. the building by the end of this year.
 A) receive / would have finished
 B) will receive / finish
 C) have received / have finished
 D) receive / will have finished
 E) received / would finish
9. For some, it is important to have a large wedding while others want something more intimate. Others don't care what size wedding they have …….. it is a fun party for their guests.
 A) otherwise
 B) as long as
 C) in case
 D) unless
 E) if only
10. Suppose a fellow of yours, who you regard as your enemy for ages, ........... his best I favour of you - in reality, how .......... your attitude towards him .......... from then on?
 A) has tried / will / have been
 B) had tried / has / been
 C) were trying / would / be
 D) could have tried / had / been
 E) should try / would / have been
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