Conditionals / If Clause Test - 3

Choose the appropriate word or word phrase to complete the sentences.
1. In my opinion, it ........... disastrous for the company if they ........... a large quantity of their capital into such an industry.
 A) should be / had invested
 B) has been / will invest
 C) must be / could have invested
 D) had been / would have invested
 E) might be / invested
2. I am sure the audience .......... all ears if you ............ your speech more clearly at the conference tonight than you used to. Your subject is very interesting.
 A) were / delivered
 B) have been / might deliver
 C) would have been / had delivered
 D) will be / deliver
 E) could be / were delivering
3. Why have you been attending so many different English courses for ages? If you .............. abroad, where the language is spoken, for some months, you ........... possibly ............ a satisfying fluency.
 A) stayed / would / reach
 B) could stay / have / reached
 C) should stay / will / have reached
 D) can stay / did / reach
 E) had stayed / ought to have / reached
4. Clashes between the two countries ......... to ignite a fresh conflict. If, first of all, the rebels at the borders ..........., a massacre will unfold.
 A) had threatened / couldn't have been stopped
 B) could threaten / shouldn't be stopped
 C) would threaten / may not be stopped
 D) threaten / can't be stopped
 E) are threatening / weren't stopped
5. If our degree of air pollution ............. accelerating at the same rate that it has for the past 25 years we ............. ourselves taking oxygen breaks in the near future.
 A) had continued / would have
 B) continues / may find
 C) continued / have found
 D) will continue / found
 E) might have continued / had found
6. Even if the reforms done at the end of the 19th century ........ more permanently successful, they ........ the increasing Ottoman weakness relative to the powerful nation-states then rising in Europe.
 A) are / will not have corrected
 B) would have been / did not correct
 C) has been / could not correct
 D) had been / could not have corrected
 E) were / have not corrected
7. The notion of functional art is most appropriately related to architectural theory that no building is beautiful ........ it properly fulfills its function.
 A) unless
 B) if only
 C) providing
 D) in the event that
 E) if
8. It is necessary, ......... you are trying to lose weight, to maintain adequate carbohydrate and fiber levels.
 A) only if
 B) or else
 C) even if
 D) if only
 E) in case of
9. You are unlikely to find anyone who ……… Scottish Gaelic nowadays unless you .……… to the Highlands, take a trip to the Islands or visit Nova Scotia, Canada.
 A) would speak / travelled
 B) ought to speak / had travelled
 C) might speak / will be travelling
 D) used to speak / are travelling
 E) can speak / travel
10. A bee colony can survive daily maximum tempera¬tures of 120° F (49° C) ......... water is available with which they can air-condition the cluster.
 A) in case
 B) if
 C) if only
 D) unless
 E) only if
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