Cloze test - 7

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Everyone is bathed throughout life with low level radiation from natural sources. For the average person the lifetime (1) ……. is virtually doubled by radiation from manmade sources, chiefly medical. (2) …….. radiation can cause cancers and genetic defects, the question arises of exactly how hazardous the low level radiation is. The question has been investigated (3) ………… for many years and the evidence indicates that the hazard is (4) ……… small to be detectable. Hence, compared with other hazards (5) ………. people are regularly subjected, the overall hazard from low-level radiation wouldn't appear to be any cause for concern.

 A) preservation
 B) exposure
 C) contraction
 D) revelation
 E) magnitude

 A) Since
 B) Due to
 C) Though
 D) While
 E) Notwithstanding

 A) vaguely
 B) remarkably
 C) tenderly
 D) mournfully
 E) kindly

 A) enough
 B) much
 C) too     
 D) such
 E) as

 A) which
 B) of whose
 C) from where
 D) what
 E) to which

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