Cloze test - 5

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In countries, (1) ......... a higher standard of living is the primary goal, it seems (2) ........... everything around people ends up in monetary transactions. A higher standard of living brings through our doors new technologies like tvs, vcs, computers and so on. We have social and medical services (3) .......... our lives more comfortable . (4) .......... a higher standard of living can bring us a number of bothersome consequences like unemployment, inflation, and a rising rate, (5) ............ are evidence that a developed country isn't 100 percent secure.

 A) that
 B) ------
 C) where
 D) at which
 E) which

 A) why
 B) how
 C) whether
 D) that
 E) which

 A) made
 B) making
 C) to make
 D) being made
 E) to be made

 A) On the other hand
 B) Moreover
 C) Therefore
 D) Although
 E) Inasmuch as

 A) a little of which
 B) few of which
 C) all of which
 D) all of whom
 E) each of which

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