Adjective and Adverb Test - 2

Choose the appropriate word or word phrase to complete the sentences.
1. The Mediterranean Sea, which means 'in the midst of lands' In Latin, is the world's ---- inland sea and surrounded by Europe, Asia, and Africa.
A) larger
B) as large
C) largest
D) the larger
E) the largest
2. ---- you shout at your children, ---- they will ignore it.
A) More / more
B) The most / the most
C) The more / the most
D) The most / the more
E) The more / the more
3. The new language school has a ---- exam pass rate than the other schools in the area.
A) so high
B) higher
C) the highest
D) high
E) highest
4. This machine is ---- of the two models in the shop, so you should buy that one.
A) more modern
B) the most modern
C) one of the most modern
D) as modern as
E) the more modern
5. My cherry cake wasn't ---- a disaster ---- I'd thought it would be, but it didn't taste anything like my mother's.
A) such / as
B) so / that
C) as / as
D) more / than
E) the same / as
6. He started to work even ---- when he saw his supervisor.
A) as hurried as
B) hurried enough
C) more hurriedly
D) the most hurried
E) so hurriedly that
7. People in America IIve ---- than many other people.
A) extravagant
B) extravagantly
C) more extravagant
D) more extravagantly
E) the most extravagant
8. As ---- traffic means ---- traffic accidents, people should use public transportation more.
A) more / less
B) fewer / fewer
C) a few / less
D) less / fewer
E) few / less
9. There was ---- a strong wind ---- we decided to stay indoors.
A) so / that
B) such / as
C) so / as
D) too / that
E) such / that
10. Cars are becoming ---- damaging to the environment ---- factory chimneys.
A) as / as
B) so / that
C) so / as
D) much / than
E) such / as

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