Situational Response Test - 9

Choose the best option according  to given situation.
You have applied to a job and they told you that they would inform you of their decision either way at 6 o'clock. It's half past six but they haven't called you yet. You wonder what happened and decide to call. You say:

 A) l am sorry but I've never seen such an impolite attitude. Why didn't you call me on time?
 B) l wonder if there is a problem, I should have been called half an hour ago.
 C) Could you please tell me your decision? My phone is broken.
 D) What is your problem? You have been irritating me for half an hour.
 E) l don't know what is wrong, but I decided not accept your offer.
You were assigned composition homework and since you were not good at writing compositions, you asked your elder brother to write it. When your friends see it, they think that you wrote it and they praise you, but you tell them the truth:

 A) Well, in fact I had it written, but don’t say anything about this to the teacher.
 B) Yes, my elder brother is very good at writing compositions.
 C) I’ve always been good at writing compositions.
 D) Our teacher always assigns easy compositions.
 E) At first I had difficulty, but later my brother assured me that I could write it.
Your friend decides to move and asks you to help him carry the furniture, but you are not able to help him because your hand has been injured when you were playing basketball You politely refuse and say:

 A) l don't think I can help you unless the furniture is not heavy.
 B) Sorry, I am not interested. Why don't you call Jack? I sure he will help you.
 C) lf my hand was all right I would help you, but really I can't.
 D) Don't you see my hand is plastered? How can I help you like this?
 E) l hurt my hand playing basketball and I don't want to help you.
You will have an exam in five minutes, but your best friend is very nervous. You want to calm her down and encourage her, so you say:

 A) You have studied a lot and there is nothing to worry about. I know you can do it.
 B) You know it is going to be a hard one. If you go on like this you will not be successful.
 C) You'd better not take this exam. You look terrible.
 D) The exam is not very hard, but I don't think you can do it.
 E) Never mind. You will fail in any case if you spend your night chatting on line.
Your were presented an expensive hat on your birthday by someone you don't like. You casually accepted the present but you would never wear that hat. After sometime, your mother asks you why you don't wear it. You feel ashamed, yet, suppressing your real feelings, you say:

 A) He is a rude man and I don't feel comfortable when I wear his present.
 B) I don't care how much he paid for that ridiculous hat. I don't like it and I'm not wearing it!
 C) It is really worth a great deal of money but it looks shabby on your head.
 D) It's kind of him to pay so much money for a hat but I think he is trying to conceal his evil character.
 E) In fact, it doesn't suit me that much.

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