Situational Response Test - 8

Choose the best option according  to given situation.
You finished your meal in a restaurant and you want to pay. When the bill comes, you realize that you haven’t got enough money to pay. So you will pay the bill with cheque. You need a pen to write the cheque and ask the waiter for his pen.

 A) Don’t you see that I haven’t got any pens! How am I supposed to write the cheque?
 B) If you give me a pen, I can pay your bill.
 C) May I borrow your pen for a few days? I need one to write my cheques.
 D) What a nice pen this is! Could you sell it to me?
 E) Could I have your pen for a moment, please?
You thought you were meeting your partner at the cafeteria at two o'clock You wait for 25 minutes and he hasn't arrived. You are angry and upset. So you ring the hotel to leave a message in case he goes back to the hotel.

 A) I have waited for you at the cafe and just decided to go home. You should have informed me that you wouldn't come.
 B) If you come back to the hotel you must read the message I have just left for you.
 C) I have forgotten to come to the cafeteria on time. I am really sorry for that.
 D) I have been looking forward to seeing you again as soon as possible.
 E) What was the name of the cafeteria that we were going to meet. I realy forgot it.
A friend has called and asked you for a ride home from the airport. You are reading a book when you realize the flight has landed. You jump in the car and race to the airport to find him looking quite bored and exhausted. Apologetic, you ask:

 A) Is your suitcase very heavy?
 B) Did you have to wait a very longtime?
 C) What is the current exchange rate in Angola?
 D) Were the airline stewardesses nice-looking?
 E) Do you know about the traffic in Istanbul?
Although you don’t like animals you are walking your friend’s beloved dog as a favour. Unfortunately it tries to attack a passer-by. You are upset, but don’t wish to accept any responsibility for the dog, so you say:

 A) Are you all right? He doesn’t belong to me, but I do apologise on behalf of his owner.
 B) I hate this dog. He’s always doing things like this.Never hesitate to call me if you need help.
 C) Oh I’m so sorry. I should have controlled him more firmly.
 D) He’s not my dog, but you can have him, if you want.
 E) You should have kept out of the way. I can hardly manage him.
Your parents have gone away for the weekend and all your friends have come round for a large party. The house is in a complete mess, and your parents have just phoned to say they’ll be home in half an hour. You know they’ll be furious if they find out what’s going on, so you turn to everyone and say:

 A) Quick! Everybody go home! Maybe my parents won’t notice.
 B) Everybody stop dancing and start tidying up before it’s too late!
 C) We’ve only got thirty minutes left, so make the most of it.
 D) Turn the music down and hopefully they won’t suspect a thing!
 E) Let’s turn the lights off and pretend no one at home.

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