Situational Response Test - 7

Choose the best option according  to given situation.
You see that a friend of yours is holding the book too close to his eyes when he is reading. You think that there is something wrong with his eyes. So you suggest to him:

 A) You had better hold the book closer to your eyes.
 B) If you can only read the book in this way, you had better see an optician.
 C) You should lend me the book that you are holding too close to your eyes.
 D) Why don't we read the book together so that we can discuss about it later on.
 E) What about reading the book after! go from here.
You have a bad headache suddenly while you are preparing to go to the appointment with your friend. You think that it will not be able to join your him. However, you’ve promised him but you can’t go. You call him and apologizing , say :

 A) I’m afraid I’ll be late ten or fifteen minutes , please wait!
 B) I’m sorry I can’t come. I’ve a trouble now.
 C) I’m sorry I can’t. I’ve forgotten my previous one.
 D) You don’t have to wait anymore I can’t come.
 E) I think you’ll wait much more, if you want you can.
You are in a cemetery for soldiers killed in a battle. You know there is nothing to be scared of; but you can’t help it, so you say to your friend.

 A) There is nothing to be scared of. The dead are all lying here in peace and quiet.
 B) Places like this have a strong effect on my emotions.
 C) We’re surrounded by the spirits of the dead. I feel as if something is going to jump out at me.
 D) Look at these stones. They make you feel sorry for all these valiant soldiers.
 E) We haven’t been here long enough. I’d rather we didn’t leave.
One of your friends calls you up and says that he has newly rented an apartment very close to yours. You learn that he is painting his new home at the moment. You suppose that the might need your help. So you say:

 A) If you like, I can help you paint your new house when you start.
 B) I remember that you helped me painting my house. Never hesitate to call me if you need help.
 C) My friend, I will be right there in a minute and I'm taking my brush, too.
 D) What colour are you planning to paint the outside? I like white better.
 E) Yesterday, I painted the kitchen and today I am painting the living room.
As the chairman of the Board in a big company, you want to warn the other members of the company’s financial situation declining in a meeting. So you say,

 A) The company budget needs revising so that comprehensive measures must be taken to make the deficit dwindle down.
 B) I am satisfied with the financial situation of the company but let’s include this issue in the minutes of our next meeting and discuss how to make more profit.
 C) There are reasons for the deficit in the budget, but I am sure it will dwindle down when the customs clearance of our imported goods is over and they are in the market.
 D) I am not quite certain about the latest situation of the budget, I have asked the Accounting Manager to present a report to us in the next meeting.
 E) We must hire more personnel for the Audit Department to check the accounts more accurately.

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