Situational Response Test - 6

Choose the best option according  to given situation.
Your best friend just got a new dog. You are taking it for a walk together when you see that he does not clean up after the dog's mess. To suggest that he care more about public property, you say:

 A) What are you doing? People have to walk there!
 B) If you're going to be responsible for a dog, you should be responsible for everything about the dog. Consider everyone else, please
 C) I think people who don't clean up after their dogs are sociopathic.
 D) I'm embarrassed to be seen walking with you. People might think I left that mess.
 E) You should get a cat instead this dirty dog.
Your boyfriend really wants to see a romantic movie tonight, but you have had your heart set on going to the speed-metal concert. To offer a compromise, you say:

 A) If we go to the movie tonight, I'll break up with you tomorrow.
 B) If we do things my way, I won't tell your mother about the cat.
 C) If you come with me to the concert tonight, we can go to the movie tomorrow.
 D) If you ever think I'm going to watch that silly movie. you're dead wrong!
 E) I've set my heart away from you.
You are going to a heavy metal concert with some friends, but none of your clothes are very appropriate. You have jeans and boots, but all of your tops have collars. You don't want to be laughed at, so you ask to borrow a shirt. You say:

 A) Give me your Iron Maiden shirt.
 B) Can you lend me something so I don't get beaten up?
 C) Do you mind if I steal your wardrobe?
 D) Could I borrow your Slayer shirt, and possibly a spiked bracelet? I don't want to stand out.
 E) Do you think these Sepultura boxers fit me?
You and a friend have just finished lunch at an upscale restaurant. She asks your opinion on what to tip. As the waiters have been rude, you say:

 A) Leave your phone number on the bill for the cute one.
 B) Perhaps we should speak with the manager.
 C) I'm not accustomed to such things.
 D) One more glass of water and then we can leave.
 E) I think a dollar is more than enough, considering the service.
You had to finish your assignment the previous night, so you studied a lot. However you look terrible today. When one of your friends ask the reason, you say;

 A) I stayed up late last night. As a result, I am really tired this morning.
 B) I haven’t been feeling well for some time.
 C) I didn’t mean to frighten you with my look.
 D) I should not have delayed my job to the last moment.
 E) If I go to bed early, my face looks terrible in the morning.

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