Situational Response Test - 5

Choose the best option according  to given situation.
You go to a party where nobody knows each other and everyone is very embarrassed and silent. To start conversations, you say:

 A) Hey you-the tall girl-do you play volleyball?
 B) So, which university does everyone go to?
 C) Could you please put out your cigarette?
 D) I bet you like chess.
 E) Is anybody else here as smart as I am?
You have your final exam in physics in a few weeks, and have decided to start doing all the homework you have neglected for the semester. However, you find that you don't understand it, so you go to your older sister and say:

 A) Could you help me with my physics homework tonight?
 B) What do you remember about electricity?
 C) Could you please do my homework?
 D) I am certainly going to fail this year.
 E) I wish you wouldn't take so long in the bathroom.
You're a math teacher. After the first week it's apparent that one of your students is in the wrong level, as your class is much too difficult for him. You suggest:

 A) Hey you stupid! Get out of my class now.
 B) If you don't switch classes, you'll make ah these hardworking students dumb.
 C) Perhaps you should consider a more advanced level.
 D) This class has too many students. I'm sorry, but you have to go.
 E) Perhaps you should consider re-taking the previous level.
You go to an office for a job interview. Halfway through the interview you realize that the job is not what you thought it was. When the interviewer finishes speaking. You say:

 A) I'm terribly sorry. You must be mistaken if you think I would ever work for you.
 B) Wait a minute. You're hiring for what?
 C) I'm so sorry, I must have misunderstood your ad. This really isn't what I'm qualified to do.
 D) I must have made a mistake, in your ad you claimed you wanted qualified persons, but now I see what you're looking for is a faceless cannon fodder.
 E) Where is the bathroom? Don't be alarmed if I take all my things with me.
You are about to make a difficult decision: whether or not to take a job that means moving to another city and changing your mode of living. After days of uncertainly you decide to turn it down and the first person that you will talk is your spouse. You say:

 A) What is your opinion? Should I start a new life with a new job or keep the same style?
 B) Finally, I made up my mind and I am to accept the job, yet, certainly, I have a fear.
 C) Now that I'm at peace with myself and the world around me, I will ask you what to do.
 D) I simply didn't want to take risks and rearrange my life.
 E) You know me well. If you were in my position, what would you do?

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