Situational Response Test - 4

Choose the best option according  to given situation.
You are talking to Sukio about her ex-boyfriend, Ben. She says they are back together, and seems very happy about that. She tells you he bought her a new exercise bike. You say, excitedly:

 A) That is really exciting for me.
 B) Your boyfriend bought me a gold chain last week.
 C) That is not a bad gift!
 D) He seems the jealous type.
 E) As Homer says “beware of Greeks bearing gifts.”
Ryan is having lunch with Peter and Wendy Recksiek. Ryan makes a joke about married couples. He doesn't realize that although Peter enjoyed the joke, his wife, Wendy, hasn't. In fact she is rather upset. To fix the situation, Ryan says, apologetically,

 A) I feel very sorry for you.
 B) I'm sorry you can't understand American humor.
 C) Well, Peter, looks like the old ball and chain is a bit peeved.
 D) I didn't mean to offend you with my joke.
 E) It's very important that you don't take offense.
All of Gina's friends are members of The Star Wars club. They've planned a weekend excursion to Hollywood to visit the original set where some of the Death Star scenes were filmed. Gina's mother refuses to let her travel by plane. She says, furiously;

 A) Mom, I love you. Please.
 B) Oh, well. At least Edna will bring me back a T shirt.
 C) Great. Everyone but me is going.
 D) Mom, you and dad are always right?
 E) You're right to say no this time. It's Bobby's wedding Thursday and family comes first.
Tom's daughter is borrowing the car tonight. Last night when she asked him for his permission to borrow the car she was very sweet. Today, she's just the opposite. He's asked her to bring him his slippers and she shouted down from her room "I'm busy" What does Tom say?

 A) I'm sorry, don't you realise how to act?
 B) Excuse me, are going to change overnight?
 C) Can you bring my car back tonight when you're finished?
 D) I don't think a father deserves to hear that from his child, especially one that's been as nice to her as me. Give me the keys back; I've changed my mind.
 E) You are never going to get anything from me again. Do you hear me? Never!
You want to sell your summer house. The only customer willing to buy it is Mr Doolittle. He offers to pay £ 10.000.000 for it. Thinking it isn’t fair enough, you say to him.

 A) A £ 10.000.000 may seem too high a price for all those houses around without scenery; but not for my house considering its location and the quality of the construction.
 B) I’m delighted with the price you have offered to pay, but I need just a few days to think about it.
 C) £ 10.000.000 wouldn’t be a fair appraisal for my summer house. However, I agree to it as there are no other customers.
 D) Though your offer seems to be reasonable, I think I should consult it with my estate agent.
 E) A lot of people prefer to invest their money in property these days with interest rates dropping down at the banks.

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