Situational Response Test - 3

Choose the best option according  to given situation.
Your girlfriend is sick and can't go to her classes. To help her out, you call her classmate and ask for the homework. You say;

 A) This is Jill's boyfriend. What are you doing tonight?
 B) Can I copy the homework for my sick girlfriend?
 C) Hi. Jill's sick. Tell me the homework.
 D) Was there any homework yesterday?
 E) Hi. This is Jill's boyfriend. She's very sick right now, sol was wondering if there was any homework she can do in bed.
You're on the metro and a woman next to you lights a cigarette. She obviously doesn't see the 'No smoking' signs. You say:

 A) Are you blind or smoking on purpose?
 B) I don't know where come from, but there are laws here!
 C) Pardon me, but smoking is not allowed on the metro.
 D) Hey stupid! Don't be so rude!
 E) Can I have a cigarette?
Your friend comes to your house as your guest and as the time passes, the weather gets worse and worse. He insistently wants to go back to his house but you think it is pretty dangerous in such bad weather. You decide to offer him to stay for the night, so you say:

 A) Do you still regret having left your house?
 B) I don't have to put up with your insistence. Go right now.
 C) I wish I had taken an umbrella with me.
 D) I really would like to but I can't, believe me.
 E) You can spend the night here if you like.
You are the head of customer services in a company and you are interviewing a candidate who has applied for a position in the company. You want him to explain why he thinks he is suitable for this position, so you say:

 A) I regret to say that we have no vacancy at the moment.
 B) Would it be possible for you to come on another day?
 C) I strongly believe I have all the necessary qualifications.
 D) What has really made you think this job suits you?
 E) Do you often demand a pay rise?
Tomorrow is the first anniversary of your relationship and you have ordered a bunch of yellow roses. However, while reading a magazine you learn that giving yellow roses to a partner means you want to break up. To avoid this misunderstanding you immediately call the florist's to tell them to change your order. So you say:

 A) We are sorry but it is too late to make a change.
 B) I should have known your prices were too high.
 C) You have sent my flowers to the wrong address.
 D) Please forgive me, dear. I don't know much about romance. 
 E) I'd like to send red roses instead of yellow ones, please.

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