Situational Response Test - 11

Choose the best option according  to given situation.
It's your mother's birthday so you go to a flower shop to ask for twelve roses in a bouquet. You ask the florist:

 A) How much is your most expensive floral display?
 B) Do you have a dozen roses tied at the stems?
 C) Could you please prepare twelve roses in a box?
 D) It's my mothers birthday, and I'd like to get her a bouquet. Do you have any daisies?
 E) My mother's favourite flower is the rose. Therefore, I'd like to buy her a bouquet of carnations.
There is a blues festival in your town and your friends are all going. However, you don't like blues and you don't think you will miss anything if you don't go there. When your friends call you, you say politely,

 A) You know I hate blues, I can't understand the point of insisting.
 B) Blues? It makes me sad and melancholy. To tell the truth, I don't want to come.
 C) I know you all want to be there tonight but what will you do if I don't like Blues?
 D) Sorry, but my answer is 'no'. There is no reason for it.
 E) Blues doesn't have any attraction for me. I don't think I will come.
Your little sister loves her doll, "Dinky", which she has had for five years. As such, it is dirty, ragged and rather disgusting. Despite her years, your sister still drags Dinky everywhere with her. To suggest that she start acting like a big girl, you say:

 A) I think Dinky needs a vacation for a few days.
 B) You should be ashamed of yourself! Carrying around a doll at your age!
 C) What do your friends at school think of this nonsense?
 D) If you want to act like a big girl, you need to leave Dinky at home more often.
 E) Dinky is very tired. Why don't you let her lie down for a few days?
You are responsible for the installation of computer systems in a big company. While you are at work, a lady working in this company approaches and asks you to teach her how to use a specific computer programme. You kindly refuse explaining:

 A) Oh, I'm sorry but I'm responsible only for the setting up of the computers and nothing else.
 B) Can't you see that I'm busy installing a computer at the moment?
 C) Well, of course. As soon as I'm finished with this computer, I'll be with you.
 D) Excuse me, can you show me how to operate this special programme?
 E) The programme you are talking about requires certain privileges to operate.
You are staying at a student dormitory. When you enter the dormitory, you have to take your shoes off. You put them in a special place which is booked only for you. But somebody, wears your shoes secretly. When you discover who he is, you warn him threateningly:

 A) That's very good to see that you were wearing my shoes.
 B) If you do it again, I ensure you, I will call the director.
 C) Why didn't you tell me while you were wearing my shoes.
 D) It's not important who wears my shoes. But next time, ask for permission.
 E) You can wear my shoes whenever you want.

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