Situational Response Test - 10

Choose the best option according  to given situation.
You want to have your new coat cleaned professionally, but are afraid of it being damaged. At the dry cleaner's, you say:

 A) Do you ask a special price for thick coats?
 B) This is the most expensive coat I've ever had.
 C) Do you use cleaning products which have been tested on animals?
 D) This coat is made of wool, so would you please be careful with It?
 E) Do you pay for the damage caused during dry-cleaning?
There is a fire in your building and everybody has gone outside. Suddenly your friend remembers that she has forgotten her cat inside. She attempts to go into the building but you stop her and say:

 A) What are you doing? It's just a skinny kitten, nothing more.
 B) lf you do not go upstairs and get that cat I will never speak with you.
 C) You know that cat is already dead. It must have been burned by now.
 D) l understand that the cat's life is important for you, but your life is more important for me.
 E) Don't worry, we will bury it together.
You are a teacher and now you are reading the composition written by your student You think she hasn't done a proper work and you want to show your dissatisfaction with it. You say;

 A) This is the best composition I have ever read.
 B) Penny, you should have written your composition you will get a low grade.
 C) Penny, I'm not satisfied with your composition I know you could do better. You must write another one.
 D) I liked your composition. Nobody could write it like this.
 E) Penny, you should have written it without help.
One of your best friends badly needs money, so he is trying to sell his car. You have ridden in the car and you know that it is in bad condition. You wouldn't want the car even if it was free. He asks you, rather desperately, if you would like to buy it. Not wanting to hurt his feelings, but not wanting the car either, you say to him:

 A) No way! That car is rubbish, and I'm not interested in that make of car either.
 B) It's a little more than I can afford. Do you think you could reduce the price a little?
 C) I'm sorry, but I really don't know what I would do with a car.
 D) Why don't you borrow some money from the bank if you need it that 'badly?
 E) You can't sell this car to anyone but to a junk dealer.
You're In central art gallery and you see the picture that your friend has mentioned about one of it beforehand. But he hasn't found it anywhere up to now. You think that if you don't tell him about it he'll be very upset, you say :

 A) There is a wonderful picture in the art gallery, if you want you can go and see
 B) If you aren't busy , we can go to the art gallery to see the picture.
 C) You must go this art gallery . There are some valuable pictures as you mentioned
 D) Your favourite picture is in central art gallery. You must see.
 E) The picture which you mentioned about was very good I advise you

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