Paraphrasing Test - 8

1. Contrary to popular belief, laboratory animals are not ill-treated and their suffering is kept to a minimum.
 A) Not all laboratory animals are kept in miserable conditions.
 B) It is a common misconception that laboratory animals are ill-treated and suffer great discomfort.
 C) Unlike in the past, the sufferings of laboratory animals are kept to a minimum.
 D) If laboratory animals were kept in better conditions, they would suffer less pain.
 E) Contrary to popular belief, most animals in laboratories are ill-treated.
2. If you treat someone honestly, it doesn't necessarily mean that particular person will treat you honestly.
 A) If you treat people honestly, they will treat you the same.
 B) No matter how honest you are, there will be always someone who makes you feel like you are lying.
 C) When you aren't honest to other people, you can't expect being treated honestly.
 D) That you are honest to someone doesn't mean that this person will treat you the same.
 E) Treating some people honestly doesn't make you an honest person.
3. Although not scientifically proven, telepathy is being increasingly studied in psychical research.
 A) Even though telepathy is scientifically accepted, it is not used in psychology.
 B) Not until telepathy is universally accepted, will scientists use it in physical research.
 C) Despite the fact that telepathy has not been proved by the scientists, studies in psychical research have increased.
 D) Scientists have confirmed the existence of telepathy phenomena through many psychical experiments.
 E) Thanks to psychological research and studies, the existence of telepathy has been proven.
4. Although in modern times we associate fruitcake with Christmas, since the 1700's fruitcake has been used in ceremonial celebrations of all kinds throughout Europe.
 A) Nowadays, fruitcake is generally associated with Christmas; however, since the 1700's it has been used in all ritual festivities all over Europe.
 B) Unlike in the 1700's, nowadays, fruitcake is associated with both Christmas and ceremonial celebrations of all kinds throughout Europe.
 C) In the 1700's, in many European countries, fruitcake was mainly associated with Christmas.
 D) During the 1700's, fruitcake was included in many celebrations and ceremonies, some of which are still practiced today.
 E) The tie between fruitcake and Christmas dates back to the 1700's, when it was used in religious ceremonies.
5. In the Middle Ages, spiders were highly prized as they served the useful purpose of getting rid of any flies, which carried many diseases.
 A) In the Middle Ages, spiders had not only advantages but disadvantages as well.
 B) During the Middle Ages, many people kept spiders as pets so that they would catch disease carrying flies.
 C) Throughout the Middle Ages, spiders carried many diseases and were believed to be messengers of death.
 D) In the Middle Ages, since spiders caught flies, which spread many diseases, they were extremely valued.
 E) During the Middle Ages, not only spiders but also flies were highly valued due to their useful purposes.
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