Paraphrasing Test - 6

1. People who are physically active on a regular basis are healthier than those who are not.
A) Contrary to those who exercise regularly, physically inactive people are more likely to suffer from diseases.
B) Being physically active helps to maintain a healthy weight throughout live.
C) Regardless of their body weight, physically active people are more vulnerable to injuries.
D) Being physically active does not necessarily mean being healthy.
E) If people exercised more, they would not suffer from diseases.
2. From the days of the Ottoman Empire through the present, coffee has played an important role in Turkish lifestyle and culture.
A) Coffee, which was an important part of the Ottoman Empire, has lost its popularity.
B) From the Ottoman Empire period up to now coffee has been significant part of Turkish culture.
C) Ever since the Ottoman Empire collapsed coffee has been a symbol of hospitality and respect for visitors.
D) In Turkey, coffee plays an important part in the lifestyle of the people.
E) Coffee was introduced to the Turkish culture by the Ottoman Empire.
3. Young people experience greater physical and emotional change during the teenage years than at any other time.
A) Young people need to understand the physical and emotional changes they are experiencing.
B) For young people, almost every physical change is a special and emotional event.
C) Adolescence is a time when some of the bodily changes take place.
D) Teenagers are more vulnerable to emotional changes as they grow into adulthood.
E) Many of the physical and emotional changes occur in young people during their teenage years.
4. Only in recent years have scientists begun to uncover the mysteries of the deep sea.
A) Scientists were not interested in the deep sea a few years ago.
B) Even with the advancement of technology, the deep sea is still a source of wonder and mystery.
C) Scientists can't understand the secrets of the deep sea.
D) Until recent years, it has not been possible for scientists to unearth the secrets of the deep sea.
E) In the past, some scientists knew little about life in the deep sea.
5. People with mental illness were portrayed as psychopathic killers whose one goal in life was to torture and kill in some movies.
A) Mentally ill people were depicted in some movies as psychopaths who committed violent crimes.
B) Although crime is not a symptom of mental illness, movies often portray murderers as being mentally ill.
C) In the past, people with mental illness were mostly considered as killers who love to kill and torture.
D) Thanks to the media and film companies, mentally ill people are not any more accused of violent crimes, such as killing.
E) In recent years it has become obvious that mentally ill people are more prone to committing violent crimes than the general population.
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