Paragraf Tamamlama Testi - 15

Paragraph Completion Test - 15

Choose the best option to complete the given paragraphs.

........... We learned how to hold them, how to check to see if they were loaded, how to shoot them, how to clean them, and even how to reload the ammunition from scratch. My sister was even on the high school rifle team. Still, my mother wouldn't go near them and my father kept them locked up properly in the basement. So I chose my father's belief system about guns instead of my mother's, as did my sister.

 A) My mother shows us how to use kitchen knives properly and safely
 B) We didn't grow up being inherently afraid of sharp or pointy objects
 C) The moment my father started bringing guns into the house, he started telling my sister and me all about them
 D) I was raised in a household where my mother absolutely hated guns
 E) EMy father collects guns, both rifles and handguns, and teaches us hunter safety courses
The huge crocodile that lives along the Nile River in Africa is a fierce beast. .......... Small, wormlike leeches often fasten themselves tightly to the crocodile's gums and suck its blood. The crocodile has no way of shaking the leeches loose or picking them off. But the plover likes to eat them. So the mighty crocodile and the tiny plover form a strange partnership. The crocodile opens its mouth wide and the plover flutters inside and pulls off leeches and gobbles them down.

 A) The crocodile will wait patiently until the plover is finished before closing its jaws again
 B) There within the gaping Jaws the bird safely hops about
 C) That is why, the plover is not afraid of the crocodile's teeth
 D) But a small bird called the plover does not fear the crocodile at all
 E) However, the plover is not afraid of the crocodile's teeth
In regions where the influence of ancient religious authority is still strong, divorce may be difficult and rare. For example, the religious tradition views marriage as permanent among Hindus. ............... Among some Pueblo Indian tribes, a woman could divorce her husband simply by leaving his moccasins on the doorstep. Today principles such as mutual consent are making divorce increasingly acceptable in the industrialised parts of the world.

 A) The act by which a valid marriage is ended is called divorce
 B) On the other hand, custom may make divorce a simple matter
 C) Today, divorce is almost universally allowed in every country
 D) It is much easier to divorce in some cultures than in others
 E) Divorce is never allowed in Catholic or Hindu countries
Fifty - five years passed before British archaeologist Derek de Solla Price began assembling the pieces found in 1900 during the fist underwater archaeological expedition organised by the Greek government. The result was spectacular and surprising. The object was an astronomical computer, a computer, a clock like mechanism used to calculate the motions of the stars and the planets. ............. . 

 A) Similar astronomical computers were described by Arab astronomers as early as A D 1000
 B) It consisted of a box with dials on the outside and a complex assembly of gears within
 C) Apparently they learned about them from Greek writings and passed the idea along to Europe at the Crusades
 D) The recovery of a few pieces of corroded metal show that the divers must have been able to read the inscriptions
 E) The astronomical use of the computer is to calculate the motions of the stars and the planets
.......... Tin, tungsten, gold, and other metals have been brought closer to the earth's surface. Chemicals in the ash have enriched farmland. When solid, lava is a good building material. And in Italy steam from active volcanoes supplies heat and power to surrounding areas.

 A) A volcano is a mountain of lava, ash, and cinders.
 B) The volcano builds up around a vent, which leads to a lake of molten rock deep in the earth
 C) The vent is really a crack in the earth's crust
 D) Although thousands of people have been killed by sudden eruptions, volcanoes also benefit man 
 E) Volcanic mountains generally have taken centuries to form

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