Paragraf Tamamlama Testi - 14

Paragraph Completion Test - 14

Choose the best option to complete the given paragraphs.

A growing number of women and men are finding answers to their health questions in integrative medicine, a comprehensive approach to health and wellness that enhances the best conventional medicine with a mind-body-spirit approach to both illness and health. ............. For Instance, research studies show that people who incorporate relaxation techniques before and during surgery often lose less blood, require less anesthesia, and have shorter hospital stays.

 A) Patients who take this approach typically feel better and have better outcomes
 B) Acupuncture can alleviate the nausea and vomiting associated with chemotherapy and pregnancy
 C) Integrative medicine proves to be working as the experience of a number of people has shown
 D) Daily meditation practice can significantly reduce stress-related elevated blood pressure
 E) Men feel better when a traditional method is employed in treatment
Records exist of virtually every aspect of ancient Egyptian life - every craft and trade - in the form of carvings, wall reliefs, paintings and writing. .............. The question remains then as to how the work was done, and the only plausible answer must be: by the muscles of man multiplied many thousands of times. The ground plan of each pyramid was a vital part of the operation because, as we know today, the stones were very precisely aligned north-south and east-west on a rectangular base.

 A) In fact the error of alignment of Khufu's pyramid was only a small fraction of a degree
 B) Records of ancient Egyptian life tell us that the pyramids were built by hundreds of laborers
 C) Some authorities claim that the architects who worked on the pyramid of Khufu were accurate to within a sixteenth of an inch
 D) Yet no account of such mechanical aids to labor while constructing the pyramids has ever been found
 E) But, stonemasons were responsible for the mistakes in the pyramids
Scientists have long known that humans and apes are the only mammals, apparently, with the ability to recognize themselves in the mirror. A group of researchers carried out a new research. They showed epileptic subjects pictures of their own faces ‘morphed’, that is, mixed with that of a famous person. When the right side of the brain was anesthetized, the patients recalled seeing the famous person. ........ .

 A) The study has showed that this hemisphere seems to be the part of the brain that separates man from other species
 B) The ability to recognize oneself may lie in the right hemisphere of the brain
 C) Right hemisphere of the brain is a mysterious sector that has not been mapped as closely as other parts of the brain
 D) When the right was operative, they remembered seeing themselves E) The subjects could not see themselves in a special kind of picture when the right side of their brain was anesthetized
............ However, Mountain climbing grew rapidly in popularity after 1850, and by 1900 the Alpine peaks had all been conquered. Mountains still waited to be climbed, however, and climbers travelled to the top of the Andes in South America, the Rockies in North America, and the Ruwenzori peaks in Africa. Finally they sought the ultimate challenge, the remote peaks of the Himalayas, which extend across Asia, separating India and Tibet. 

 A) Mountaineering can be traced back to 1760.
 B) Michel-Gabriel Paccard, a French doctor, succeeded, with Jacques Balmat, his porter. in climbing Mont Blanc
 C) Horace-Benedict de Saussure offered a prize to the first person who could climb to the summit of Mont Blanc
 D) Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in Europe, was first climbed by a Frenchman in 1786
 E) Mountaineering has shifted its focus away from Europe to other places
People have thought of many ways to protect themselves from the supernatural enemies. Two types of magic have been used, white or good magic and black or evil magic. White magic is used to bring luck in everyday affairs, such as love, business, hunting, and farming. .......... Thorns are stuck into the enemy's image; or a piece of the enemy's clothing a lock of hair is buried. The enemy is then supposed to die.

 A) They have also thought of many ways to protect themselves from the supernatural
 B) So, the charm or talisman is used for protection
 C) Modern witches still use very large circles practising their trade
 D) On the other hand, almost everything has been used as a talisman 
 E) But black magic is used to get rid of enemies

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