Paragraf Tamamlama Testi - 13

Paragraph Completion Test - 13

Choose the best option to complete the given paragraphs.

............ It is then processed by exposing it to heat and wood smoke, or by mechanical means, so as to separate the rubber from the water, mineral salts, sugars, resins and protein matters. The rubber obtained in this way is known as 'crude'. Latex is extensively used In Industry for making foam rubber products, footwear, dolls etc.

 A) Rubber trees are cut and made in the bark so that the latex can be obtained
 B) Untreated crude rubber is naturally soft and lacks the required strength
 C) The latex is vulcanised, or heated with sulphur to Improve Its strength and usefulness
 D) The proportion of sulphur used determines the hardness and elasticity of the rubber
 E) Untreated crude rubber is not used in industry because It's neither hard nor strong enough
In the classical high schools, the curriculum consists of a wide range of subjects to be studied theoretically with little or no relationship formed to real life experiences of the students. ............. What is thought in school remains in school. Therefore students often question the purpose of the courses they do not like to study or find difficult, because they have no experience in making practical sense out of such courses.

 A) Post-high school or college training prepares students for job
 B) Elementary or junior high school curricula are similar to high school curriculum
 C) As result students cannot transfer school knowledge and skills to actual living
 D) The students are required to make a choice of college major before they gets there
 E) After eleven years of education in this way, as she prepares to take college entrance exams
Though common concrete tower blocks provide shelter for millions across the world, their value as home has been widely questioned. .............. The diverse values of traditional forms of housing are being investigated and revitalized. The cave, for instance, might be the oldest of traditional homes but call it an earth - sheltered dwelling and suddenly the value of living underground with the benefit of new materials seems an exciting development.

 A) The need for a dwelling is superior to any other need except the bare necessities of food and clothes
 B) They are no longer seen as a remedy for all housing problems
 C) The need for shelter is one of the timeless imperatives for mankind
 D) Putting a roof over heads have a range as wide as human intelligence with which he created numerous kinds of houses E) There has been an inclination towards old houses, because concrete buildings are often far from pleasing people
The United States is a multiethnic society with people from almost every imaginable race, religion, language, and culture. ........... For example, a car company recently put an advertisement in a national U.S. magazine. In the ad, there were photographs of all the managers of the car dealerships in the country-forty-four of them. They were all white, middle-aged men. There were no women, blacks, Asians, or Native Americans. The implied meaning of this advertisement was clear: only white middle-aged men were welcome customers. The company had ignored the majority of the population, so the majority of the population ignored the company and didn't buy the car. 

 A) Multinational Companies that do business in the United States shouldn't ignore the importance of diversity in American culture
 B) Companies that do business in the U.S. must take into consideration the diversity in American culture
 C) One cannot notice different cultures, races, religions, and languages in the U.S.
 D) Because the advertisement did not catch the attention of the majority of the population the car was not sold
 E) A business that ignores this is probably making a cultural mistake
To develop any muscle, one has to engage in anaerobic exercises that feature a resistance or load that is very difficult to lift more than 10 to 15 times. .............. What it requires is an anaerobic-like challenge, such as learning a new skill. Playing chess or mastering a new judo move can stimulate the brain's neural dendrite to grow.

 A) The best anaerobic exercise is one that challenges the person to exert maximum mental energy.
 B) Learning a new skill is only possible with the application of aerobic activity to the brain
 C) Since the brain is like a muscle, it must be challenged with the appropriate kind of resistance if it is to develop and grow
 D) This is also true with the brain, for it will not develop only by thinking harder 
 E) Despite being a muscle, the brain differs from other muscles in many ways

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