Vocabulary Test for Proficiency

Kalın sarı renkle yazılmış kelimelerin yerine gelebilecek en uygun kelimeyi seçiniz.
1. As long as workers have needs that need to be represented they’ll need trade unions. 
 A) employers
 B) managers
 C) employees
 D) traders
 E) partners
2. The robbers looked through the whole house for money.
 A) searched
 B) glanced
 C) hunted
 D) sobbed
 E) provided
3. When she got her test back, she was so disappointed that she threw it away.
 A) considered
 B) burned
 C) raced
 D) tossed
 E) roared
4. He was bitten by mosquito, but he made things worse by scratching the bite all the time.
 A) scraping
 B) itching
 C) reaching
 D) throwing
 E) rubbing
5. When her dog died, she cried very hard for half an hour.
 A) yelled
 B) screamed
 C) sobbed
 D) raced
 E) drowned
6. It was foggy and I watched my friend move out of sight into the distance as he walked away.
 A) toss
 B) compose
 C) disappear
 D) depend
 E) pour
7. Market leaders usually want to increase their market share even further, or at least to protect their current market share.
 A) decrease
 B) dominate
 C) pour
 D) raise
 E) establish
8. When I was away on business, my neighbors looked after my home.
 A) settle down
 B) convert into
 C) give up
 D) pick out
 E) take care of
9.  James and Jim are twins. They were splitted up at birth and they didn’t meet until they were both thirty nine.
 A) separated
 B) deserted
 C) left
 D) divorced
 E) abandoned
10. Someone who is not strong is waek.
 A) muscular
 B) excited
 C) chubby
 D) pale
 E) powerful
11. When your face does not have much colour, it is pale.
 A) many
 B) few
 C) little
 D) very
 E) lots of
12. This class is too difficult for me. I.m going to drop it and try a different class.
 A) save
 B) move
 C) leave
 D) increase
 E) hang
13. On a clear night, the moon shines so brightly that you can see your shadow.
 A) pours
 B) gleams
 C) excites
 D) looks
 E) seems
14. A box for keeping valuable things is called a safe.
 A) helpful
 B) utility
 C) useful
 D) precious
 E) worthless
15. Although some employers oppose the very existence of unions, many theorists stress the necessity of unions.
 A) Because
 B) In spite of
 C) Due to
 D) Either
 E) Much as
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