Paraphrasing Test - 5

1. Because of his innocent face, it is difficult even today to believe he was a criminal although it had been certainly proven.
 A) It is really surprising how he hurt somebody.
 B) Today it is possible to understand why people didn't want to believe that he was guilty as he had an innocent face.
 C) If it had been proven that he was guilty, they would believe that he was a criminal.
 D) It doesn't necessarily mean that criminals can't have an innocent look.
 E) Despite the fact that he was proven to be a criminal, his innocent face makes it difficult to believe that.
2. The twins resemble each other so much that I can never tell which is which.
 A) Although the twins do not look like each other I cannot name them easily.
 B) I cannot tell the twins apart because I don’t know them well enough.
 C) It is impossible for me to identify the twins because they look very much like one another.
 D) I can never tell the twins anything as they like each other so much.
 E) The twins are similar to each other but I can easily name them.
3. She didn't eat anything but small pieces of bread and butter.
 A) She ate small pieces of bread and butter but didn't like them.
 B) She only ate some small pieces of bread and butter.
 C) She didn't eat anything, not even the bread and butter.
 D) She didn't touch the bread and butter, but she ate other things.
 E) She ate neither bread nor butter.
4. I can't stand his talking foolishly when everybody talks about something in a serious way.
 A) I can't understand him when he talks foolishly.
 B) Everybody talks seriously when he talks foolishly.
 C) I hate him talking foolishly when people talk seriously.
 D) Everybody hates him talking foolishly.
 E) I don't mind his talking foolishly when everybody talks seriously.
5. We get so caught up in correcting our children that we forget to notice what they do well.
 A) Since children make mistakes, it is our duty to correct them when necessary.
 B) We often don't realize what our children do well because we are so concentrated on what they do wrong.
 C) If we were not so eager to correct our children, they would make fewer mistakes.
 D) We should not be so concentrated on correcting every mistake our children do.
 E) When we correct our children permanently they will never notice what they do well.
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