Paragraph Test - Three

Answer the questions according to the reading passages.
For environmentalists, and increasingly the energy industry as well, the resolution to the energy crisis is the so-called hydrogen economy. It's a sensible scenario in which hydrogen, which emits nothing more harmful than water when burned, fuels our cars and runs our power plants. Environmentally friendly as hydrogen is, its production remains problematic. Most supplies are extracted from natural gas, a process that also creates other dangerous chemicals, like nitrous oxides. Now, however, a group of researchers at England's University of Warwick are working on an efficient and clean method of producing nearly-pure hydrogen from biomass: the wet waste from sewage plants, paper mills and large farms. And, unlike hydrogen itself, supplies of biomass are always abundant.

1. We learn from the passage that the phrase "hydrogen economy" means ----.

 A) the use of environmentally friendly hydrogen as a source of energy
 B) using natural gas to produce large quantities of hydrogen
 C) discovering a source of energy cleaner than hydrogen
 D) plentiful supplies of biomass
 E) finding a use for by-products of hydrogen production such as nitrous oxides

2. The passage tells us that, although hydrogen itself is a fuel that can be burned without harming the environment, it----.

 A) can only be used to run cars and power plants
 B) can't be considered as the best possible source of energy for our future needs
 C) is as harmful to the economy as natural gas
 D) cannot presently be produced without harm to the environment
 E) is too expensive to be in general use

3. The author emphasises that the advantage of the University of Warwick's method is that it ----.

 A) is very cheap, though supplies may be scarce
 B) provides an alternative use for sewage
 C) is more profitable for the energy industry than for environmentalists
 D) solves the economic and transport problems of using natural gas
 E) is environmentally friendly and the material used is plentiful

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