Paragraph Test - Five

Answer the questions according to the reading passages.
History and biography have several similarities, but they are not synonymous. Both the biographer and the historian search for evidence. They evaluate the information they find to decide if it is factual and relevant History. however, is the recorded past of human societies; It tells the story of nations, wars, movements -the whole range of past human activity. Biography deals with a single life story. The historian is interested in facts and events that affect many lives; the biographer seeks information that reveals the subject's character and personality. If the subject of a biography is a well-known public figure such as a president of the United States, his life story almost becomes a historical narrative. The life of George Washington, for instance, is a significant segment of American history. But if the subject is a very private person, such as the poet Emily Dickinson, the biography is much less concerned with contemporary historical events.

1. We learn from the passage that one of the similarities between history and biography is that they both ----.

A) deal with well-known public figures
B) search for facts that involve the whole of society
C) deal primarily with the world of fiction
D) give information based on facts
E) choose their subject matters very carefully

2. One of the differences between the historian and the biographer is that only ----.

A) the historian has to be very careful as to whether the information he's received is factual
B) the biographer must discard material that is irrelevant
C) the historian needs to look for proof of his research
D) the biographer is interested in the full scope of past human activity
E) the biographer focuses entirely on the history of an individual

3. Biography and history may become more similar if the biographer is ----.

A) writing about the life of a famous American
B) investigating the life of a well-known public figure
C) investigating the life of a very private person
D) revealing facts about himself/herself
E) interested in historical events in his private capacity

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