Cümle Tamamlama - YDS çözümleri ve Yaklaşımlar 3

11. Germany is similar in many ways to France, Italy and the UK ................ .

A) unless it attaches primary importance to both multilateral and bilateral diplomacy
B) as though the EU were essentially in control of environmental policies
C) where the foreign policy process in Germany had to agree to a compromise in recent years
D) although this had led to arguments concerning the proper role of the German Foreign Ministry in shaping and implementing policy
E) in that it is one of just a few European states which attempt to maintain worldwide representation

Bu soruda ‘Germany’ tamamlayan cümlede ‘it’ olarak kullanılacaktır. Bu A ve E şıklarında var. Benzer şekilinde bir ifade var ve benzerligi ‘in that’ ile bağlayarak E şıkında vermiştir.

12. Though Hong Kong used to be one of the world’s most alluring shopping centres, .......... .

A) competition seems to be growing even keener
B) this was no longer the case
C) it might have remained a fashionable holiday resort
D) others did not share this opinion
E) it is now one of its most expensive

Bu sorumuzda Hong Kong cümlenin öznesi olarak, tamamlayıcı cümlede Ahmet –He ilişkisinden dolayı ‘it’ olacaktır, ve C ve E şıklarında mevcuttur. Geçmiş zamanda olan olayları veya durumları ifade etmek için ‘used to’ kalıbını kullanırız. Burada bir geçmiş zamanda olan ve şimdiki zamanda olan bir zıtlık ifade edilmektedir. Şimdiki zamanla ilgili ifade E şıkkında var.

13. As the population of Asia’s wild tigers has declined over the years, ........... .

A) the improved health of Thailand’s forests suggests that the tiger population could continue to grow
B) it is known that global alarm for the species first sounded in 1969 following a peak in the tiger skin trade
C) they are also regarded as powerful swimmers and can supplement their diets with marine life
D) these legendary animals have become a thing of the fable as much as reality
E) they are not picky about their food and environment like pandas

“This/These/such+isim” formülü paragrafta eksik cümleyi bulma soruları ile paragrafta anlam bütünlüğünü bozan cümleyi bulma sorularında şıkça işimize yarayan bir formüldür. D şıkkındaki “These legendary animals” ifadesindeki “animal” sorudaki “Asia Tigers” ı kastettiği için D şıkkı ile soru arasında bir çeşit Ahmet-he ilişkisi sağlıyor. Cevap: D

14. Though the construction of a bridge across the river would doubtless prove popular, ......... .

A) the technology to be transferred is quite suitable
B) eight councils would have been committed to arrange it
C) similar designs are on view everywhere
D) it will not be easy to raise enough money to do it
E) it is a German-Japanese consortium that gives the orders

Burada ayni zamanda bilmemiz gereken bir kural var. Bu kural zıtlık ifade eden cümlelerdeki artı-eksi kuralıdır. Ana cümle olumlu yani artı ise yan cümle olumsuz, yani eksidir. Bu soruda yan cümlemiz olumlu bir ifade içermektedir. Öznemizde ‘the construction of a bridge’ yani ‘it’ tir. Cümleyi tamamlayacak öznesi veya nesnesi ‘it’ olacak olumsuz bir ifade D şıkkında var.

15. Though coral reefs are among the richest ecosystems on the planet, ............ .

A) they grow in crystal-clear waters that contain hardly any nutrients
B) nutrient uptake is closely related to the degree of movement in the sea
C) the rough surfaces are what make this possible
D) they are also skilled at recycling
E) changes in turbulence accurately predicted the rate of nutrient uptake

Yukarıdaki soruya benzer bir soru. Artı – Eksi kuralı ve Ahmet – He kuralı.

16. Though the smell of fumes in an aircraft cockpit may not always spell danger, .......... .

A) a forced landing could have been avoided
B) even a small sensor can detect a wide range of chemicals
C) harmless fumes had been caused by a small leak of oil
D) it is guaranteed to alarm the pilot
E) such a detector can easily be fitted into an Aircraft

Bu soruda da yukarıdaki sorulara benzeyen kurallar var. The smell =it, Yan cümle olumsuz. Arayacağımız cümle de olumlu olacak. Aircraft cockpit aklınıza neyi getirecek, tabi ki pilotu değil mi? Bunların hepsi D şıkkında var.

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