Cümle Tamamlama Testi - 5

Soruları cevaplamak için şıkların üzerini tıklayınız. Doğru yada yanlış yanıtlarınız açılan iletişim kutusunda görünecektir.

1. Although the film My Big Fat Greek Wedding only cost $5,000,000 to make, ...... .
  it wasn't liked by Dennis Shwartz of World Movie Reviews
  it was the fifth highest-grossing film of 2002 in the US
  it never reached number one at the US box-office
  it was adapted from a one-woman play by Nia Vardalos
  that is quite a small budget for a successful movie produced in the US
2. Fortunately, enough monuments have survived, such as pyramids, temples, tombs, sculptures and relieves, ...... .
  yet archaeologists have been working hard to discover monuments
  before the twentieth century such excavations had started
  each and every one is very valuable
  because many of these were destroyed during wars
  for us to obtain some idea of the spirit that animated the Pyramid Period
3. ........ is all Gloria wants for the holiday.
  Not having any arguments with her parents
  She has made a shopping list for her birthday party
  Without travelling abroad all on her own
  As long as it is a cottage just by the sea
  She is choosing from the advertisements given in newspapers
4. He is looking for a way to get his ex-girlfriend .......... .
  who is still dating with him with the least trouble
  to start up a new relationship with the goal of marriage
  because he had split up with her rather bitterly
  why he is so obsessed with her
  but she is even more reluctant than he is
5. During the Spanish conquest, the Aztecscame to wish that......... .
 they have the same military technology as their Spanish enemies
  they hadn't let some of the Spanishescape from their city alive
  they would prevent the Spanish from reaching their capital
  the Spanish haven't involved their women and children in warfare
  the name of their last ruler was Cuauhtemoc
6. .......; otherwise, there's no way he could have afforded a new plasma TV.
  Martin must have been secretly saving his money
  My brother hates watching league matches at the local tea house
  You could watch Spider-Man 2 at Özgür'shouse
  Darren knew that the picture quality would bemuch better
  Your brother can't have been given his pay rise yet
7. ......... the city of Istanbul is as rich in shopping 'hot-spots' as it is in history and intrigue.
  Taking time off from your sightseeing and trips along the Bosphorous
  Few tourists ever really get to know the place they're visiting
  Whereas istiklal Caddesi is full of expensive, stylish shops
  Unique because it spans both Europe and Asia
  When you set eyes on the skyline of Sultanahmet
8. ........, stating that the library would close every weekend.
  When the sun is shining on our side of the earth, we have daylight; night comes
  Mary didn't want to walk to the next bench because
  On leaving, she will have to cook for the children
  They were able to walk there without any prevention
  Many students protested against the new regulation
9. Since both Corinne and Nicolas have doubts about each other, ......... .
  they will manage to establish a strong relationship
  their wedding is taking place next weekend
  they have decided not to marry for the time being
  it is surprising that they have broken up
  since they don't like to behave in a stereotyped way
10. ......., you should carry some food with you.
  As you prefer to keep your bags as light aspossible
  Not only did you buy a very thoughtful gift foryour cousin
  In spite of feeling so hungry at the moment
  Instead of wasting money in therestaurants of service stations
  Knowing that meals are included in the priceof the hotel

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