Cümle Tamamlama Testi - 4

Soruları cevaplamak için şıkların üzerini tıklayınız. Doğru yada yanlış yanıtlarınız açılan iletişim kutusunda görünecektir.

1. .........., time had been assumed to have a constant value.
  As its variations are difficult to see
  Until Albert Einstein's special theory of relativity
  If it wasn't for Albert Einstein
  As soon as the special theory of relativity became known
  Since Isaac Newton's ideas of space and time are considered
2. He was constantly reminding us ......... .
  back then we were working very hard and had no time for ourselves
  before the last competition we had not trained much
  of our failures and exhorting us to do and to be better.
  an observation upon the beauty of the view
  suppose it's a real occasion and not fiction
3. Visitors to Tibet can see clearly that commercialism has invaded this ancient land......... .
  that they might have reserved their resources
  which is fighting now to retain its soul
  in which many products are sold
  they also find the climate very appeasing
  where visitors can also buy souvenirs
4. We had to fill the petrol tank completely,.........
  as there wasn't going to be another petrol station for the next 400 kilometres
  yet we still ended up driving all the way to the hotel
  so that we can sell the car at a reasonable profit
  because we had decided not to cause any more pollution to the atmosphere
  although the attendant washed all of the windows for free
5. ........that their plan would prevent a large asteroid from striking the earth.
 Many Hollywood movies are based on
  If there is an advance in space technology
  Two NASA scientists believed
  Edward Lu is claimed
  Nuclear weapons have been proposed
6. According to the World Bank, the Kingdom of Bhutan is the second poorest country in the world, but ...... .
  this is the most important point that should be dealt with
  it has got a lot of debt to pay
  it is extremely incredible that people have a high standard of living
  they always wear expensive clothes since their salaries are high
  there is no unemployment, no begging and almost no crime
7. The forecast is calling for heavy rain and low temperatures, ....... .
  since they seem to be wrong most of the time anyway
  since next weekend is the end of our summer holiday
  even though it may prove useful for farmers
  so perhaps we’d better cancel our plans for picnic for another day
  whereas I hadn’t been too concerned about the weather
8. While staying in Morocco between 1938 and 1939, .......... .
  George Orwell had been fighting in neighbouring Spain
  the nostalgic novel, Coming Up For Air, was written by George Orwell
  George Orwell's damaged lungs needed a better climate
  his experiences were related in the essay "Marrakech"
  George Orwell was disgusted by the effects of French colonization
9. Children often try to emulate or copy behaviour ....... .
  in order to survive when they come across with difficult conditions
  although their capacity is good enough to stimulate
  after they eliminate and evaluate its reality
  that they see on television
  since they don't like to behave in a stereotyped way
10. Suddenly, the water supply was cut off, ....... .
  because I have already paid the water bill
  despite the warning by the water company
  but fortunately I was doing the washing up
  and I was left in the shower covered in soap
  so I should decide to stop drinking so much liquid

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