Cümle Tamamlama Testi - 3

Soruları cevaplamak için şıkların üzerini tıklayınız. Doğru yada yanlış yanıtlarınız açılan iletişim kutusunda görünecektir.

1. The traditional view of literature's function, as formulated by the poet Horace, ......... .
  it is structurally perfect and pleases the hearer
  that it shall have form and theme
  is that it should be useful and pleasurable
  that it should appeal to the majority of the public
  that it must move one's feelings
2. .......nobody inside it is likely to be hurt.
  Only if the damaged ship turned over slowly
  Because American football players wear protection
  When a powerful bomb exploded in the building
  If a car is suddenly struck by lightning
  Flying is one of the safest forms of transportation
3. According to a recent survey, many Japanese prisoners wish that they.......
  have more space in their cells
  haven't committed their crime
  were given better clothing
  eat their evening meal later
  will able to hire better lawyers
4. While Paul's school was built more than a century ago .......... .
  his grandfather was a little boy going to a nursery school
  his grandfather had just been born
  Mary's was not built then
  the schools were being built all over the country
  Susan's is completely modern
5. It had been almost seven years since our last trip together ....... .
  when we have realized how nice those good old days were
  on the other hand we all know that no one can separate them
  but Rupert instantly recognized me in the predawn darkness of the train.
  we must compare them with competing products
  but Rupert instantly recognized me in the predawn darkness of the train
6. Whatever it may be, this is a novel where, ....... .
  you can find it everywhere
  once you have got into it, you want to go forward without stopping
  while you are reading you easily get confused and can't go on reading
  written before the second world war
  it can be more than you've expected
7. He thought that the country's problems had been exacerbated by foreign technocrats ........ .
  so it was a good idea to let them come back
  who were very helpful in the municipal affairs of the country
  so that to invite them back would be counterproductive
  who had given good council, although we couldn't put it into practice
  so we wanted them to come back and repair the dama¬ges that they caused
8. If the battlefield hadn't been so narrow, ........ .
  the English may never have won at Agincourt
  Nicephorus I Phocas wasn't taken by surprise
  which caused great problems for Xerxes' army
  but it generally was in the battles of the First World War
  at one point the Gallipoli peninsula is only five kilometres wide
9. However long it takes me, ....... .
  the trekking trip was an amazing opportunity
  I know it will be in two months at the most
  it's difficult to speak English for 10 minutes non-stop
  but I know it varies from person to person
  I'm determined to learn how to play the piano
10. Given the fact that our appreciation of a particular writer has so much to do with the gender, class, age, or taste of the appreciator,......... .
  but there weren't so many alternatives before as there are now
  although it is hard for the authors to try to appeal to everyone
  which sold a few of them
  it may be folly to name the major novelists of the twentieth century
  who has to choose from hundreds of books

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