Cümle Tamamlama Testi - 2

Soruları cevaplamak için şıkların üzerini tıklayınız. Doğru yada yanlış yanıtlarınız açılan iletişim kutusunda görünecektir.
1. The government promoted recyclable solid waste in order to .........
  come up against the environmentalists
  maintain sustainable and healthy interaction with the environment
  ignore the ecological balance in the world
  for collecting more votes from the environmentalists
  sustain the accomplishment the factories had in polluting the soil
2. ......., young boy didn't know that an espresso coffee was so small.
  Until the waiter brought it to the table
  Because he wanted something to drink
  As soon as he looked at the tiny cup
  By the time he has made his order
  Though he has asked for a lot of sugar
3. A food company has invented a bowl made out of bread for people .......
  who hate having to do the washing-up
  where it is now available to buy
  which can be eaten along with the meal
  that it holds its shape for eight hours
  whose audience is his main target
4. One of the reasons for the break down of the immunity system .......
  because of the viruses that live in the body
  is the lack of necessary vitamins
  is having a regular diet and doing sports
  when you avoid malnutrition and smoking
  can be having irregular eating habits and neglecting regular health control
5. ....... as she went to the library to borrow one yesterday.
  Helene was unable to find The Caucasian Chalk Circle
  Marianne must have a copy of Man Equals Man
  Sophie has been asked to read The Mather by her professor
  Elisabeth is as interested in Saint Joan of the Stockyards
  Paula is considering getting a copy of Life of Galileo
6. When the wooden bridge collapsed into the river, .......
  high winds have weakened it
  the level of the water was very high
  it's floating away on the swift current
  most of it has been carried out to sea
  both end parts still remain there
7. The title of the poem was dedicated to the children..........
  which is hardly understood because it wasn't illegible
  who are bilingual so she hates it
  who died in the second world war
  whose father is quite furious
  that they promised a lot of money
8. The main character of the play didn't appear until third act, ........
  that was another reason to be cancelled
  and he received a lot cheers from the spectators
  unless the actress left the stage
  who accused the referee of making a mistake
  which caused the audiences to talk to each other
9. In 1890, playwright Georges Feydeau gave up writing plays for a couple of years........
  in case his Ladies' Dressmaker hadn't become popular
  since the audiences enjoyed most of them
  even though his wife could financially support him
  yet he has used that time to improve himself
  so that he could study the great creators of farce
10. Selena had looked at tents in a number of different places ....... one from Bernard's store.
  once she has seen a possible
  whether or not she likes
  which sold a few of them
  before she finally chose
  since she can't afford the others

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