Cümle Tamamlama Testi - 1

Soruları cevaplamak için şıkların üzerini tıklayınız. Doğru yada yanlış yanıtlarınız açılan iletişim kutusunda görünecektir.
1. No matter which of these hotels you choose to stay at for the night, ----.
  what the guide had been trying to explain to you.
  only if you agree not to use all the facilities.
  you are bound to spend a huge deal of money
  whenever you find the opportunity to drop by my house
  you shouldn’t have decided on the most luxurious one
2. ----, people have relied on medicinal plants to cure them of their various illnesses.
  Since very early times in human history
  Despite their extensive range of knowledge of medicinal plants
  It is simply because some anti-cancer drugs are derived from plants
  Tropical rainforests are particularly endowed with plants possessing curative properties
  The fact that indigenous people have utilized and benefited from medicinal plants for centuries
3. ---- when they arrive at a hospital for delivery in order to reduce the risk of mother-to-child HIV transmission.
  Hong Kong initiated a prenatal screening program in September 2001
  Drug users injecting has remained a concern in the fight against AIDS
  The government had been planning to make HIV testing available in all clinics
  Though there is still an opportunity to treat the women and their unborn babies
  This famous health centre is considering a plan to offer rapid HIV testing to pregnant women
4. ---- for fear that the bears would steal it during the night.
  He preferred to sleep inside a little cave
  They refused to park their cars in the back street
  We decided to pitch our tents at noon
  He hung his food high up in the tree
  He didn't take his wife to the jungle
5. Some musicians in Africa are specialists ----.
  that they couldn’t troubleshoot the problem of a keyboard that belongs to one of them
  who receive formal training from a family member or a professional musician
  so that they are able to help people learn musical notes
  if something unexpected happened while they were giving a concert
  you though they had been rehearsing for the new concert given in Johannesburg
6. How easily someone adjusts to losing his sight depends on his own character, ----.
  but nothing is more pleasing than being deaf
  and on the help he gets from everyone around him
  though it is pretty difficult to be an active member of the society
  otherwise, to take him away from the bad environmental influences in which he lives is impossible
  and this helps him to be a politically aware person
7. Airbus has assisted Air Namibia in sourcing the most suitable and appropriate aircraft ----.
  even if the lease agreement were to last for seven years
  to meet its requirements in terms of current demand
  unless it acted as the public relations agency for Airbus in Southern Africa
  airlines must be able to offer potential customers a regular, frequent and reliable service
  but it is common practice in the airline industry to lease aircrafts rather than buying them
8. ---- why she always favoured my brother over me.
  Just before we had decided on taking three days of the week off
  None of the issues my cousin was talking about captured my interest
  My sister is not sure if her boyfriend is serious about dating before marriage
  I finally went up to my mother and asked her in a very firm manner
  Unless we both sit and talk about what should be done before things get out of hand
9. ----, the director complained to the teacher in charge.
  When he doesn’t solve a problem by himself
  Since he wanted to show how grateful he was
  The little girl would be punished unless
  When some of the school children misbehaved in the museum
  The school choir will have given a concert after
10. I don't see any point ----.
  to try to do it in this way
  with doing it like that
  in discussing this subject any further
  at discussing this any longer
  for discussing it any more

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