Cloze Test - 3

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After finishing his university course in chemical engineering, Linus Pauling worked in physical chemistry in the 1920s and 1930s. He was interested in the way that molecules (1) _______ in crystals, and used physical techniques, such as X-rays, to study them. He also (2) _______ the ideas of quantum physics, a radical new science at the time, to the study of chemistry. He used these new theories to solve problems that had never been explained before. His work at that time led to a lot of the drugs, plastics and synthetic fibres that we know today. (3) _______ his interest in the way that molecules behave, Pauling slowly became more involved in biological chemistry, (4) _______ physical chemistry. Through the 1930s and 1940s he began to work with organic substances, especially proteins. He made discoveries about the structure of proteins which were very important for medicine. For example, they were able to develop an artificial substitute for blood plasma. They also made important discoveries about some types of genetic disease, (5) _______ sickle cell anaemia. Many people believe that he was near to discovering the structure of DNA at that time.

 A) have been connected
 B) connected
 C) connect
 D) are connected
 E) to have connected

 A) suggested               
 B) applied
 C) recorded                   
 D) abolished
 E) concealed

 A) Because of
 B) Only if
 C) As though
 D) Much as
 E) In spite of

 A) rather than       
 B) further
 C) so that   
 D) as much
 E) any more

 A) since  
 B) also
 C) as far
 D) such as
 E) as though

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