Cloze Test - 2

Verilen parçada numaralanmış yerlere uygun düşen sözcük ya da ifadeyi bulunuz.
The goblins of Southern Ai are small people, with long, wiry limbs and lean, agile bodies. Their skin is thick, and usually a pasty or dull green in colouration, though for those (1) ---- live further south, this often takes a deep, sea-blue cast. This is occasionally accompanied (2) ---- slightly increased size. The natives of Kahl, (3) ----, largely bear dark complexions, and tend (4) ---- of above average height. Goblins usually sport dark hair, in (5) ---- the thick and shiny variety or as thin and sparse curls usually confined to the peak and rear of the skull.
 A) what
 B) whose
 C) that
 D) whom
 E) where
 A) off
 B) from
 C) about
 D) within
 E) by
 A) off duty
 B) in return
 C) at random
 D) for instance
 E) without delay
 A) been
 B) to be
 C) being
 D) having been
 E) to have been
 A) either
 B) not only
 C) because
 D) therefore
 E) by contrast

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