Cloze Test - 1

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In 1831, Charles Sauria of France took the first step in making matches that were stable and easy to ignite by incorporating white phosphorus in his formula. This innovation was immediately widely copied, and soon most of the matches were (1).......... phosphorus matches. These remained the most popular type (2)..........the early 1900s. At the end of the 19th century, however, serious phosphorus poisoning, which damages bone structure, was noted among workers in match factories. By 1906, its effects (3) widespread that an international treaty was approved prohibiting the use of white phosphorus in the manufacture of matches. The (4)..........toxic phosphorus sesquisulfide was used (5)..........This compound made matches safer because it raised their ignition point by more than a hundred degrees.

 A) having made
 B) making
 C) being made
 D) to make
 E) to have made

 A) once               
 B) until
 C) by                     
 D) since
 E) while

 A) had become
 B) would have become
 C) have become
 D) should become
 E) ought to become

 A) much less       
 B) further
 C) the fewest     
 D) so much
 E) any more

 A) since then   
 B) by the time
 C) as soon as   
 D) from then on
 E) nonetheless

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