Adjective and Adverb Test - 1

Choose the appropriate word or word phrase to complete the sentences.
1. I have never owned ---- independent cat before!
 A: a more than
 B: such an
 C: so
 D: as much an
 E: as such
2. Ryan has been working ---- since he was promoted.
 A: such a 
 B: so 
 C: more and more 
 D: just as 
 E: more than
3. I have been feeling ---- tired lately, doctor.
 A: such a 
 B: the most 
 C: more and more 
 D: just as 
 E: such as
4. People in this country live ---- anybody else in the world.
 A: longer than 
 B: the longest 
 C: long as 
 D: just as long 
 E: so longer
5. There are about ---- retired people in Brazil as in the USA.
 A: much more 
 B: as many 
 C: half as much 
 D: as little 
 E: less than
6. His qualifications are ---- than those of any other candidate.
 A: better 
 B: good enough 
 C: the best 
 D: the worst
 E: well
7. The classes at my university are the same ---- those at State University.
 A: with 
 B: from 
 C: as 
 D: at 
 E: in
8. Unfortunately, there weren't ---- much support for my proposal at the meeting ---- I had expected and it was rejected.
 A: as / so 
 B: such / as 
 C: so / as 
 D: so / that 
 E: such / that
9. The trees in the garden were ---- big ---- they took almost all the light away.
 A: as / so 
 B: such / as 
 C: so / as 
 D: so / that 
 E: such / that
10. He has ---- big feet --- he has difficulty finding shoes to fit him.
 A: as / as 
 B: such / as 
 C: so / that 
 D: such / that 
 E: more / than
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