Quantifiers: Much, Many, Few, Little, Some, Any, A(N) - Test

1. Fill in the blank:
There is more than ___ hour for the meeting.
  A: some
  B: an
  C: any
  D: much
2. Fill in the blank:
Do you have ___ brothers and sisters?
  A: many
  B: some
  C: any
  D: much
3. Fill in the blank:
There are ___ pens in that drawer.
   A: little
   B: much
   C: some
   D: any
Have you got ____ bananas?
   A: much
   B: a
   C: any
   D: some
We haven't got ____ cheese left in the fridge.
   A: any
   B: some
   C: many
   D: few
6. Which is CORRECT?
'Can you see ____ people in the street?'
'Yes, I see ____ children.
   A: a / any
   B: any / much
   C: any / any
   D: any / some
7. Fill in the blank:
A: Bob is hungry. Give him ____ egg.
B: But, there aren't ____ eggs in it.
   A: a / any
   B: some / few
   C: an / any
   D: many / some
8. Fill in the blank:
They've got ____ butter, but they haven't got ____ rolls.
   A: some / a
   B: any / any
   C: any / some
   D: some / any
9. Fill in the blank:
Are there ____ books on your shelf?
No. But, there are ____ books on my shelf?
   A: many / a few
   B: any / some
   C: some / a
   D: any / much
10. Fill in the blank:
There isn't ____ pen in this box, but there are ____ pencils.
   A: any / one
   B: much / one
   C: many / any
   D: any / a few
11. Fill in the blank:
A: Have you got ________ friends at school?
B: Not _______. But, I have _______ good buddy at home
   A: any / any / an
   B: much / one /a
   C: many / any / some
   D: any / many / a
12. Fill in the blank:
We live in ________ small town. But it is _______ interesting town.
   A: any / a few
   B: a / an
   C: a lot of / any
   D: a / a

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