Comperative and Superlative Forms - Test

1. Fill in the blank:
He can run _______ than the other boy.
  A: more good
  B: faster
  C: quicklier
2. Fill in the blank:
This apple tastes _______ than the last apple.
  A: farther
  B: much
  C: better
3. Fill in the blank:
I feel ________ than I did before.
   A: better
   B: well
   C: gooder
Please walk more _________, I can't keep up!
   A: slow
   B: slowly
   C: faster
Jane drove car __________ down the street.
   A: slow
   B: quickly
   C: fast
6. Which is CORRECT?
This trip through the jungle feels __________ than sitting at home.
   A: dangerouser
   B: more dangerous
   C: dangerously
7. Fill in the blank:
My leg hurts ________. I need to see a doctor.
   A: bad
   B: badly
   C: the worst
8. Fill in the blank:
The ________ you work, the more success you will have.
   A: hard
   B: harder
   C: hardest
9. Fill in the blank:
This is an _________ test. I am sure I passed it.
   A: easy
   B: easiest
   C: easily
10. Fill in the blank:
I don't feel very ________. I think I am getting ill.
   A: good
   B: well
   C: better
11. Fill in the blank:
B: The Mona Lisa is one of the ______ paintings in this museum.
   A: beautifuler
   B: more beautiful
   C: most beautiful
12. Fill in the blank:
A blue whale is the ________ animal in the world.
   A: heavier
   B: most heavy
   C: heaviest

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