Past Perfect Simple Exercise

Write in the buttons Past Perfect with the given verb in bracket.
1. By the time I arrived, Jerry his dinner. (finish)
2. I already by the time my wife got home. (exercise)
3. By 2008, she Spanish very well. (learn)
4. Before today, I sushi. (try, no)
5. By the time the class finished, the students asleep. (fall)
6. Jake took me to a movie last night, but I that movie already! (see)
7. Morgan opened her gift from Carol which was a new sweater, but I her a new sweater too! (buy)
8. We about your important concert, so we left our meeting early. (forget, no)
9. She driving before her driving test to ensure she would pass. (practice)
10. The children at the park for so long that they were ready to go home. (play)

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Answer key:

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