As + adjective / adverb + as

Sıfat ve zarflarda karşılaştırma sadece “-er than” veya “more... than” ile yapılmaz. “As….as” kullanılarak da sıfat ve zarflarla karşılaştırma yapılır. Olumlu cümlede kullanıldığında eşitlik anlamı ifade eder.

Bu yapı, cümleye “kadar” anlamı katar. Aradaki boşluğa sıfat ya da zarf getirilir.

Jack is twenty years old . (Jack yirmi yaşındadır.)
Bill is twenty years old, too. (Bill de yirmi yaşındadır.)
Jack is as old as Bill. (Bill, Jack kadar yaşlıdır.)
(They are the same age .)

Linda finished her work in two hours.
Betty finished in the same time .
Betty worked as fast as Linda worked.
(Betty and Linda worked at the same speed.)

My son ate the hamburger quickly. I ate the hamburger quickly.
My son ate the hamburger as quickly as I did.

Mehmet is as intelligent as Ali.
The new cell phone is as light as a feather
I can’t swim as well as you (can)
Öznur sings as sweetly as her sister

“As + adjective / adverb + as” yapısı olumsuz cümlelerle kullanıldığında eşitsizlik durumu belirtir. Bu durumda “So + adjective / adverb + as” kalıbı da kullanılabilir.

Bob studies hard every night.
Mary sometimes studies
Mary doesn’t study as /so hard as Bob does.
(Bob studies harder than Mary .)

Fred is rich.
He is richer than his brother John .
John isn’t as /so rich as his brother.
(Fred is richer .)

He doesn’t write down as / so carefully as you do
She isn’t as / so hardworking as you are .
This exam isn’t as/so easy as the English exam.

“As….as ve so …. As “ yapısı arasında daha uzun kelime grupları kullanılabilir.

She is viewed as a strong candidate for the presidency as you are .
The young actor acts as perfectly in horror films as he does in TV comedies.
After the global warming news, people aren’t as / so optimistic about the future of the world as they were in the past .

“As/ so …….as “ kalıbı miktar belirten sıfatlar “much, many, few, little” ile kullananbiliriz.
There are not as /so many trees in this area as there used to be.
I don’t have as much money as you have.
We hope to see as few job losses in the company as possible
My father puts as little sugar in tea as possible.

“as much as” yapısı
She earns as much as I do
She can eat as much as she wants and she never puts on weight

half as … as, twice as … as, three times as … as, … ” gibi yapılarda sıklıkla kullanılır.
The glass is twice as big as it needs to be.
Pasta consumption in Italy is four times as much as in the United States
Three AIDS cases were half as many as reported in 1997
I read twice as many books as you did.
The old one now produces half as much water as it did in the past

“Just, almost, nearly” gibi zarflar niteleme alorak kullanılabilir.

Leaks consume almost/ nearly as much water as the kitchen and bathroom faucets.

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