Time Connectors (before / after / as / as soon as..)

Choose the appropriate word or word phrase to complete the sentences.
1. _______ I get up in the morning, I lay in bed for a while and think about the day.
A) As soon as
B) Before
C) Until
D) As
E) While
2. _____ I eat breakfast, the last thing I do is put on my shoes.
A) While
B) By the time
C) As
D) Before
E) After
3. ______ I was walking out the door, I realized I forgot my keys.
A) After
B) As soon as
C) While
D) Before
E) Whereas
4. He called me ______ his meeting because he was nervous about it and needed comfort.
A) as soon as
B) while
C) as
D) until
E) before
5. Don't come home until ______ 10:00 PM because I have a surprise for you.
A) before
B) after
C) when
D) while
E) as
6. ______ you finish cleaning the bathroom, will you clean the kitchen, too?
A) While
B) As
C) Until
D) By the time
E) Once
7.  _______ she was packing her bags, she got excited about her trip.
A) Before
B) While
C) Until
D) As soon as
E) By the time
8. I need a piece of gum ______ I eat garlic because my breath stinks!
A) while
B) until
C) after
D) once
E) as
9. I went to sleep _______ the sun was setting.
A) as
B) after
C) before
D) as soon as
E) the moment
10. ______ you finish your book, tell me what your favorite part was.
A) As 
B) Before
C) Until
D) While
E) After

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